Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order

Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order Lock Down

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BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order Lock Down

Why the Illinois Governor is prolonging the block on staying at home

Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order for another month while other states are aggressively reopening.

  • All state governors issued a state of emergency and their governors issue stay at home executive orders for 30 days
  • Under the constitution and laws, a governor can issue a national state emergency for 30 days if there is a national health emergency in their state
  • However, governors cannot constantly extend their state at home orders after the initial 30 day executive order expires
  • However, a handful of governors defied the constitution, including Illinois freshman governor JB Pritzker, and are extending the stay at home order
  • The pandemic caused over 36 million Americans to file unemployment claims
  • Millions of businesses closed leaving millions of American workers unemployed
  • As the state’s stay at home order lock down lingers, more and more businesses will not be able to reopen
  • The longer the economy remains closed, the lower the chances wage earners can get their jobs back
  • Pritzker is facing major criticisms and lawsuits over his extending his stay at home executive order

In this breaking news article, Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order Lock Down upsetting Illinoisans.

Illinois Governor Extends Stay At Home Order Lock Down Despite Other States Reopening

Illinois has been locked down since May 16th when Pritzker issued his first stay at home order.

  • Non-essential businesses were ordered closed
  • This executive order caused millions of businesses to be closed
  • The order also left millions of Illinoisans out of work
  • Pritzker has extended his executive order multiple times
  • Now, many states are reopening so they can salvage businesses and jobs
  • However, Governor JB Pritzker issued an extended modified stay at home executive order that went into effect on May 1st
  • The modified executive order is effective until May 31st

However, other states like Georgia, Florida, Texas has reopened their states and economies on May 1st.

Results Of New Cases And Deaths In States That Have Reopened[/mbedyt]

There is no major increase in COVID-19 cases or deaths in states that reopened.

  • Actually, it is the opposite. Even though testing numbers went up, positive tests and deaths have been greatly reduced in states that reopened
  • The modified extended executive stay at home order does allow more lenient guidelines than the previous executive order

JB Pritzker made an announcement on May 5th initiating a five-phase opening of the state. Phase three is when manufacturing, offices, retail, barbershops and salons can reopen with strict guidelines and restrictions. However, phase three of the reopening of the state will not start until May 29th at the very earliest but may be later. Critics of the governor’s policies called him incompetent, ridiculous, and that he needs to stop talking out of his fat oversized obese fat ass. While other states such as Florida, Georgia, Texas have opened two weeks ago and are thriving with reduced positive tests and death rates, Pritzker is going the other way. Pritzker said he may not reopen the state fully until there is a vaccine. The governor is getting defiance from businesses, taxpayers, and local government officials. By delaying opening the state, millions of businesses may go bankruptcy. Millions of workers who stand a chance of getting their jobs back may lose it permanently. This is a developing story. We will update this story on new developments in the days and weeks to come.

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