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A few articles have been written by Gustan Cho associates about Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals. One of the main topics is who is eligible to utilize this program. Anybody who is a “healthcare professional”, but what does that mean?  In this blog, we will cover Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals. We will detail who in the medical field can participate in the program, what the program has to offer, and how to start the program.

Special Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals

What are the mortgages for doctors

The term HealthCare Professionals can mean many different things. The good news is the majority of people who work in the medical field are eligible for the Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals program. Whether you work in a doctor’s office or are a brain surgeon, chances are you are eligible to receive these amazing benefits. Homes For Heroes do all they can to help as many Heroes possible each and every year. This is a network of real estate and mortgage professionals who can help you save money with your transaction. The good news for HealthCare professionals is the medical field category is quite vague but also largely encompassing. Many other assistance programs only allow those with verifiable certifications, such as a registered nurse (RN), that is not the case with homes for heroes!  Even if you are the receptionist at a medical office, you are assisting others to get the medical help they need, MAKING YOU A HERO. No job is too small to fit into this category. Obviously, nurses, doctors, and surgeons will be a hero, but what about those who work on the research and development side? They qualify as well, without them we would not have the advances in medicine we do today.

Who Can Qualify For Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals

A few more examples of professions that qualify:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Phlebotomist
  • Technicians
  • Clerical And Support Staff
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychiatrist
  • Rehabilitation Worker

How Does Homes For Heroes Mortgage Program Work

How Does Homes For Heroes Mortgage Program Work

How does the program work?

As stated above Homes For Heroes is a network of real estate and mortgage professionals who create a community looking out for our heroes. To utilize the program to its full potential, you pair up with a real estate agent and mortgage professor who is part of the Homes For Heroes community. From there each entity who assists you will provide you discounts in different ways. Depending on your state and purchase price, the benefits can range. Once paired with a local real estate agent and a member of Mike Gracz’s team at Gustan Cho Associates, you can take full advantage of Homes For Heroes. You will get a check sent after closing to help with any expenses with your move. The check will be for a person of the purchase price. Also, you will get the appraisal fee credited back to you from us, the lender. The savings is just one way to give back to the heroes of our community. There are also participating home inspectors and title companies who can offer you additional savings. They are all part of the large Homes For Heroes community. The average savings is $2,400! That can really help during the home buying process!

How To Start The Homes For Heroes Mortgage Process

How to start the process?

Mike Gracz will get you linked with a Licensed Loan Officer from Gustan Cho Associates at Loan Cabin in your state.

  • Step 2: Work with Real Estate professionals who are part of the Homes For Heroes community
  • Step 3: Buy, Sell or Refinance a home
  • Step 4: Receive your reward

Homes For Heroes has a slogan of NO red tape, NO hidden fees, NO catch! The program is geared to help not only yourself but also those in need. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Homes for Heroes Foundation. This Foundation gives back to other Heroes who are in need. Just another positive outcome your savings contribute to. They donated time and money to provide food and shelter to less fortunate heroes.

Qualifying For Homes For Heroes Mortgage Program With Direct Lender With No Overlays

How to qualify for Homes For Heroes with a direct lender without overlays

Gustan Cho Associates are constantly rolling out new mortgage programs for our clients. Homes For Heroes Mortgage For Medical Professionals is one of the largest announcements we have had in a long time. We are excited to participate in this program and offer our heroes additional savings. Without them, the world people know would not be the same. Having the opportunity to give back to these amazing Americans to something we take pride in.  For more information or assistance setting up your Homes For Heroes account, please call Mike Gracz on 630-659-7644 or text us for a faster response. Or send an email to [email protected]. We are available 7 days a week, mornings and evenings to help you obtain your ultimate goal of homeownership with some additional savings to go along with it!  

Disclaimer from HOMES FOR HEROES:

Hero Rewards offers are limited and/or restricted in Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. You must be enrolled with Homes for Heroes and be represented at closing by a Homes for Heroes real estate affiliate to be eligible for Hero Rewards. Contact Homes for Heroes for further details. Homes for Heroes® Inc. is a licensed real estate company in the state of Minnesota | ©2016 Homes forHeroes, All Rights Reserved. Homes for Heroes is a registered trademark. Any reproduction or redistribution in whole or in part without written permission is expressly prohibited by law.

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