Health Care Insurance Open Enrollment Starts November 1st 2015

Open enrollment for health care insurance begins on November 1st for the 2016 plan year. With tens of thousands of plans available, finding the right coverage that best fits your needs and budget can be often overwhelming. Sometimes people just buy over the phone or internet without knowing how the plan works. Others are often confused on how one plan compares with another and just end up giving up with getting health care insurance.

Health Care Costs And Need For Health Care Insurance

Health Care Insurance is necessary due to the high cost of health care. One visit to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. If you are admitted to the hospital for days or weeks, that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. A routine doctors visit can cost several hundred dollars and prescription drugs can be an ongoing expensive expense. One of my clients recently had to get admitted to the emergency room and was hospitalized for a week. The combination of MRI, catscans, medical tests, and health care cost him over $50,000. Good thing he had excellent health care insurance where if he did not have health care insurance, this cost would have bankrupted him. One of the biggest reasons why consumers file bankruptcy is due to not having health insurance and the thousands of dollars they have incurred in medical costs. To have a peace of mind, getting a good health care insurance plan that suits your needs is worth every penny.

Rashad Carmichael And The Plaza Insurance

That’s why I again would like to offer you my personal attention to help you find the right insurance protection to fit your individual needs and budget.

I’m local and dedicated to providing the personal service you deserve today and as your needs change in the years to come. Should this old-fashion and professional approach to service appeal to you; please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number or email address listed below.

To find out more about me and the wide range of highly rated companies I represent; simply click here–health.html#health  on my website link.

I look forward to assisting you.

Rashad Carmichael

President And Chief Executive Officer Of The Plaza Insurance
888-449-4977 – Toll Free Nationwide

Florida clients can call the toll free number or  786-350-3257

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