Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak

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Hello my name is Billy Stavridis, and I’ve written a blog regarding the SoCal gas leak.
For those of you in the rest of the country who may not be aware, here’s a little bit of news about what’s been going on here in Southern California. In late 2015 in the upper affluent middle class community of “Porter Ranch” the Southern California gas company had decided to start a long overdue project that was in dire need of repairs and or replacement of some very old pipes that stemmed deep into the ground (approximately 8000 feet deep).

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Repairing The Damage

The repairs were nothing more than what should have been routine according to the gas company until the unfortunate and tragic day of October 23rd 2015 when the crew of SoCal gas engineers accidently drilled thru and into an unintended pipeline resulting in the expelling of Benzene / Methane (otherwise known as natural gas) into the atmosphere.

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Outcome

Now, as residents of Porter Ranch we had no immediate knowledge or information of this tragic incident and the only indication that something was terribly wrong was a very distinct odor in the air that was detected by many of the local residents. The odor was very similar at times and very infrequent to that of a natural gas leak, you know, one that you would smell in your home if you had left your stove burner accidently on. It wasn’t until a plethora of local residents in the community actually began to develop unusual symptoms like nausea, nose bleeds, vomiting, migraines etc. even pets like dogs, horses had developed similar human like symptoms that raised awareness that something is terribly wrong in our community.

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Investigation

The toxic odor was soon after reported to the authorities and an independent investigation began. It wasn’t too long after revealed that a natural gas leak emitting into the atmosphere had been confirmed. The gas company had full knowledge of this from the onset and was now officially exposed of its negligence and upon further investigation it was reported the leak was even greater than first thought or lead to believe.

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Side Effects

I can tell you from personal experience the immediate side effects of the leak had impacted every individual differently but nevertheless had an impact on everyone in some way shape or form. It affected my Fiancé in multiple ways from severe migraines to nausea, to respiratory difficulties. She even had an MRI performed to see if there were any internal ailments that could have been causing the symptoms. Fortunately, the MRI was negative and her physician concluded that her symptoms could very well be subsequently resulting from the toxic leak. One of many unknowns is the long term effect this could have on everyone’s health.

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Relocation Of Residents

In early November the gas company was ordered by the City of Los Angeles to offer a voluntary relocation program for any and all residents within a 7 mile radius of the leak and incur all housing costs, food, additional mileage etc… approximately eight thousand families had to be relocated. That’s was no easy task, hotels, apartment buildings even rental homes were being flooded with people looking to
find a place where they could safely and temporarily call home. Needless to say, local accommodations became more and more difficult and people had to move further and further away some as far as (40 miles away) just to find a hotel.

Experiencing The Southern California Gas Leak: Effects On Lives

To give you a better idea of the magnitude, two rather large schools in the community also had to be temporarily closed and students had to be bussed to other neighboring schools miles away. To add insult, the holidays where quickly approaching (thanksgiving) and (Christmas / New year’s) were around the corner, any plans of celebrating the holidays, decorating the tree with the kids, having family and friends visit were quickly and completely dispelled and disrupted.

After attending several town hall meetings and receiving more information about the leak it was clearly evident this wasn’t going to be resolved anytime soon. The SoCal gas company had determined the leak was so large and so deep that repairing the leak was not a viable option thus having to cap the pipe line permanently was the only option. We were also informed that there are approximately 115 active tanks in the “Aliso Canyon Hills” area all of which were built in the early 1950’s and are not considered to be up to the current safety code standards. In late January the Governor of California officially declared the leak a “State of Emergency”. We are still currently living away from our homes and have not been cleared to return. Once the leak is fully under control and sealed an independent or third party survey will be performed to test air samples quality and determine if it is safe to return to our homes. That’s it for now folks; I will follow up with an updated blog with new info as it develops.

Billy Stavridis

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