My Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam

This Article On My Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam Was Written And Published By Bob Vogel

Learn From Failure / IL NMLS Test: My Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam Was Written By Bob Vogel

Well everyone, the time has come and gone for my taking of the Illinois Mortgage Loan Originator test and I am not here to report good news. Unfortunately, I failed the test only getting 72% when I needed 75% to pass the test.  I honestly can’t tell you what happened to me in there or a reason as to why almost half the questions were on topics I had never seen before.

My Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam: What Went Wrong?

What really has got me irritated was I had an Illinois study guide and 118 page review packet to go over, and it seemed like none of it was any help to me. I also was supplied with a 50 question practice test that I got a 50/50 on.  Upon clicking the Exit Exam button, I was left in shock and disgust of what just happened. I don’t take failure very well at all and to be honest, as I am typing this I am still livid over what has transpired.  I don’t understand how I could get a 90% on the federal test and only a 72% on the “cakewalk” Illinois test.  I am stuck going back to the drawing board now and figuring out how I can rectify this in 30 days when I can go in and take another crack at it.  I have already found another company that offers an Illinois specific class, study guide, and test questions.

My Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam: Preparing For A Re-Test

What is going to eat at me over the next month is dealing with this failure, so hopefully I can go over some techniques I use so that I don’t get caught dwelling on this for very long.  The first thing I know I have to do is move on from this and act like I have a short-term memory.  The sooner I can push this to the back-burner the better off I will be.  You have to think that whatever is done, is done and there is nothing you can do about it.  To sit here and dwell on this for an extended period of time is just not healthy.  The other thing that I need to come to grips with is although I think I let a lot of people down, this really doesn’t affect how people view me.  I am still Bob Vogel and just because I didn’t pass this test doesn’t mean I am a loser or anything like that.  I do take it to heart that I might have let people down, but really, it is only a test, plus, I can take this test again in 30 days so when I get a 95%, all will be forgiven.

Experience With Failing Mortgage Exam: Do Not Give Up Folks

I know in these next 30 days I am probably going to over study, but I know in my mind I am NOT going to let this happen again as it will be unacceptable to fail this test for a 2nd time.  I have now seen the types of questions that were on the test and hopefully I can adjust my study habits accordingly.  My one problem was that I wasn’t familiar with many of the topics/questions that were on the test, so part of me wants to imagine I got a bad draw of questions, but who knows.  In the end, what I really need to do is move on from this hiccup in my journey and make positive strides towards the future.  As I mentioned, I have no doubts that I will pass this test the next time I encounter it.  I am sorry if I have let anyone down, I will get my retribution!

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