Economic News And How It Affects Todays Housing Markets

Economic News And How It Affects Todays Housing Markets

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This Article Is About Economic News And How It Affects Todays Housing Markets

Are We Headed Towards A Second Recession?

Economists are warning of a potential second recession.

  • The World’s 2nd largest economy, China, is seeing a huge slowdown in their real estate sector, where commercial buildings under construction can be seen in cities like Shanghai for 50 miles without end in sight
  • Their bubble, like ours, and unlike ours, was built on the notion that demand would equal prices and inventory for a longer period of time than previously expected
  • In our case, it was a credit leveraging issue with residential
  • In theirs, it is widely commercial, and they control their own banks
  • Bailing out yourself is much more challenging than bailing someone else out, since you have no hedge

Economic News And CorrectionsEconomic News

This slowdown will possibly lead to a few corrections.

  • First of all, in Europe, where their economy is facing a slowdown, a stronger dollar means less American exports
  • This is since prices will inherently go up with a stronger currency in relation to the Euro
  • Half of all S&P companies depend on Euro demand, ad this will lower financial projections

Hence lower profit margins and lower stock prices as a result.

Bond Market And Economic News

The need for liquidation in China will possibly result in an increase in bonds, as they will be forced to liquidate some or much of their holdings here.

  • China and Japan are the largest holders of US foreign bond debt, so liquidating half a trillion could result in a higher rate, due to a perception of a higher risk
  • Commodity prices have been stable, with some upswings
  • But much of the stability is due to lower demand in fuel from OPEC and is their promise to push production to high levels to compete with American Shale a race they wish to turn into a marathon
  • El Nino has promised some precipitation to hard-hit areas in the West Coast, and hopefully can stabilize food prices for the upcoming winter years, when they rise the most

China, unlike the US, needs a constant growth of over 8% to maintain the growing needs of its population, which is roughly 1.3 billion.   If the US grows 5% in a year, that is considered positive, while in theirs that is simply not enough.

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