Duplex Mortgage Loans Down Payment Guidelines

Duplex Mortgage Loans Down Payment Guidelines

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In this blog, we will discuss and cover duplex mortgage loans down payment guidelines. A duplex is a two-unit multi-unit residential housing unit. HUD, the parent of FHA, allows homebuyers to qualify for a 3.5% home purchase FHA loan on an owner-occupant one to four-unit home. The owner needs to occupy one of the units and can rent out the remaining units when they purchase a one to four-unit multi-family home.

Chicago Multi-Family Homes

In Chicago, it is often called two flats when there is an apartment on the first floor and another apartment on the second floor. The owner often lives in one of the units and rents out the other unit. Two flats in Chicago often have basements. Many Chicago two flats have basement apartments that have been remodeled without proper building permits but the duplex owner still collects the rent. The City of Chicago is aware of this but does not enforce the building code. Mortgage lenders who originate duplex mortgage loans will not count rental income from illegal basement apartments.

3.5% Down Payment FHA Versus 15% Down Payment Conventional On Multi-Family Homes

A duplex or 2 flats is an excellent choice for those homebuyers who eventually want to be property investors or first-time homebuyers who want a lot of property for their money. A duplex home buyer can qualify for a 3.5% down payment duplex mortgage loan. This only holds true if the duplex is an owner-occupied residence. Duplex mortgage loans have higher FHA loan limits than single-family loans.

Rental Income on Multi-Family Homes

Rental income for the additional unit can be used for income qualification. HUD has higher FHA loan limits on two to four-unit FHA loans. One of the units of the duplex must be owner-occupied and the second unit can be rented. The appraisal of the 2 units needs to include 1007, which is the schedule of market rents. From the schedule of market rent for the rental unit, 85% of the market rent can be used towards rental income in qualifying borrowers’ debt to income ratios on FHA Loans. Conventional Guidelines only allow 75% of the potential income to be used.

Using Vacant Apartment Income On 2 To 4 Unit Properties

Buyers of multi-unit properties can use 85% of potential rental income on FHA Loans and 75% of potential rental income on Conventional loans:

  • Correct, 85% of rental income
  • I just checked HUD’s website, and the loan limit for a 2-unit is $468,150
  • The duplex home buyer also needs expanded homeowners insurance to include 6 months rental loss insurance

For conventional duplex mortgage loans, a 15% down payment is required for owner-occupied duplex properties.

Can I Purchase A Single Family Owner Occupied Home After Duplex Mortgage Loans?

Home Buyers can qualify for another owner-occupied home after you have lived on duplex for at least a year.

Home Buyers can qualify for another owner-occupied home after they have lived in a duplex for at least a year. They can rent out the primary unit of your duplex. Homeowners can only have one owner-occupied home. But there are exceptions to the rule where if they purchased an owner-occupied home but want to move out of there and purchase another owner-occupied home. Exceptions to this rule are if you get a job transfer that is beyond commuting distance or if they need to either upgrade home because family is expanding. Or downsize home because kids are now grown and are off to college. Buying a single-family home after purchasing an owner-occupied duplex qualifies for upgrading to a larger single-family home.

Non-QM Duplex Mortgage Loans

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