Curb Appeal In Selling Your House

This BLOG On Curb Appeal In Selling Your House Was Updated April 1, 2017

Importance Of Curb Appeal In Selling Your House:

Home sales are finally picking up and the real estate market is slowly but surely recovering after the 2008 Great Recession and Real Estate Collapse.  Many homeowners who are planning on selling their house do not want to invest in the home they are selling but not investing may cheat the seller from getting top dollar for their home.  Investing in some curb appeal will attract more potential home buyers and buyer’s real estate agents to take a closer look at the listed property.  Investing in curb appeal in selling your house will not cost a fortune.

Curb Appeal In To Selling your House Is Highly Recommended

If you are selling your house, you need to place yourself in the situation of the buyer.  Would you put an offer in a house that does not show well?  Would you want to put in an offer on a house that has broken blinds or a house that has weeds throughout the yard?  If the house does not impress you, you will more than likely not put an offer.  You would want to purchase a house where you and your family can move right in and start decorating.  There are home buyers that will buy a house that needs updating but then they would want to purchase it below the market value of the house.

Preparing Before Selling Your House

Make sure you invest some time and a few dollars with doing some cosmetic work to your house before you list it on the market.  Seek the advise of several realtor.  The exterior should show well and be clean.  Make sure you have your lawn mowed and if there are bald spots, get some seeds from your local hardware store or Home Depot and spread the grass seeds throughout the dirt area.  If you can plant some shrubs and throw some flowering seeds, please do so.  If you have overgrown shrubs, trim it.  Also trim overgrown plants and add some mulch to cover the dirt around the house.  It will be worth the investment.  You do not have to paint the whole house but paint is not too expensive and painting certain areas of the house might do wonders.  Especially the gutters, soffits, and the trim around the house.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Invest In Curb Appeal In Selling your House

Clutter in and around the home needs to be removed.  Repainting the interior is a must and the house will have the new house smell and would impress potential home buyers.  Homes with carpet flooring should be steamed cleaned.  Sellers can hire services to steam cleaning from a professional or they can rent a steam cleaner for under $100.00 dollars at most hardware stores or rental places.

Sellers should make sure that the lawn is mowed, shrubs are trimmed, and extra vehicles and/or boats and/or RVs should not be parked on the driveway.

By doing a few cosmetics around the house, the potential rewards will definitely outweigh the labor and money invested.  Home sellers will sell the house much quicker and get a higher offer on their house.

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