November 23, 2016
Understanding Credit

Importance Of Understanding Credit For Mortgage Borrowers

Understanding Credit And How Credit Affects Qualifying For Mortgage This Blog On Understanding Credit Was Written By Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 Of CrossCountry Mortgage NMLS 3029 […]
September 28, 2015
Authorized Credit Card User As Credit Tradelines

Adding Credit Tradelines To Boost Your Credit Scores

What Are Credit Tradelines? Credit tradelines are creditors who report your credit and payment history to the credit bureaus. Mortgage lenders consider a credit tradeline as […]
August 22, 2014
Home Loan With No Credit Tradelines

Home Loan With No Credit Tradelines

Qualifying For Home Loan With No Credit Tradelines By Gustan Cho Tips In Qualifying For Home Loan With No Credit Tradelines: Credit tradelines are active and […]
February 12, 2014
Adding Credit Tradelines To Your Credit

Credit Tradelines: Adding Credit Tradelines To Your Credit Report

Credit Tradelines: What Are Tradelines? Credit tradelines are very important and most mortgage lenders require a certain amount of credit tradelines that has been seasoned for 12 […]
December 10, 2013
Nontraditional Credit Tradelines

Nontraditional Credit Tradelines In Mortgage Qualification

Credit Tradelines Many mortgage lenders require credit tradelines from its mortgage loan borrowers.  Credit tradelines are credit accounts the mortgage borrower has active.  Credit card accounts, […]
September 13, 2013
Non Traditional Credit Tradelines

Non Traditional Credit Tradelines

Credit And Non Traditional Credit Tradelines If you are applying for a mortgage loan, the majority of the mortgage lenders will require credit tradelines that has […]
May 26, 2013
Credit Tradelines Requirements

Credit Tradelines Requirements

What Are Credit Tradelines Requirements? Credit tradelines requirements are individual creditors that is reporting your credit history on your credit report.  For example, if you have […]
April 24, 2013
Authorized Credit Card User

Benefits Of Adding Yourself As Authorized Credit Card User

Advantage Of Being An Authorized Credit Card User Being a authorized credit card user can be a great way to establish or re-establish credit.  However, there […]
February 26, 2013

Mortgage Loan Borrowers with No Credit for Florida mortgages

Mortgage loan borrowers We all heard of mortgage loan borrowers with excellent credit.  We also realize there are mortgage loan borrowers with bad credit.  How about […]