Ed Martinez: Keller Williams On The Water

Ed Martinez does it again.  Ed Martinez is probably the best realtor I know nationally who is not just a professional licensed real estate agent but also a true caring friend who treats all of his real estate clients as family members and who really goes beyond the call of duty.  Mr. Ed Martinez is the owner/broker of Keller Williams on the Water in Sarasota, Florida who I had the pleasure to work with on several deals.  My borrowers had real estate agents who could not help them find the right property or had real estate agents who did not return phone calls until days later and asked me to refer them a top notch Florida realtor.  Without hesitation, Ed Martinez was the realtor of choice.

Ed Martinez: First Time Home Buyer Specialist

I had one client who could only qualify for a FHA loan due to credit issues but wanted a waterfront property.  The maximum FHA loan limit was $271,050 but most waterfront properties my borrower was looking for were over the $400,000 price mark.  I referred this waterfront home buyer to Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams on the Water and within two weeks, Mr. Ed Martinez found her a home that was a foreclosure flip that was waterfront for under $300,000.  I can go on with countless case scenarios where Mr. Ed Martinez have help dozens of first time home buyers and seasoned home buyers purchase their dream homes or helped them sell their homes.

Expert In All Areas Of Real Estate Including Lending

With another case scenario, I had a borrower who had high debt to income ratios and due to the high homeowners insurance, she could not qualify.  Mr. Ed Martinez put on his thinking cap on and got me one of his top insurance agent, Kimberley Shipley, where she gave us a homeowners insurance quote where we made the deal work.

Mr. Ed Martinez is a true gentleman and a scholar who I would not hesitate to refer to any home buyer in need.  Mr. Ed Martinez is not just limited to the Sarasota, Florida real estate market.  Mr. Martinez knows the real estate and finance market for the state of Florida and always is on top of market values in all counties of Florida.  Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams on the Water is an expert in foreclosures, short sales, HUD properties, REOs, high end homes, waterfront properties, fixer uppers, investment homes, vacation homes, condo hotels, non-warrantable condos, and horse properties.  Whenever I need advice with Florida real estate, Mr. Ed Martinez is the first person I contact.  I get facts from Mr. Ed Martinez and not hearsay.  If you are a first time home buyer, veteran home buyer, second home buyer, or investment home buyer, contact Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams on the Water.

I like to congratulate Ed Martinez on having a very nice write up done by Sarasota Herald Tribune writer Josh Salman.  Here is the link to Ed Martinez article by the Sarasota Herald Tribune:

Link to Ed Martinez interview by Josh Salman> Sarasota Herald Tribune

Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams on the Water can be reached at 941-378-0202 and his email address is edsellsfl@gmail.com.


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