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Ed Martinez Of Keller Williams

Ed Martinez Of Keller Williams: Sarasota Florida
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If you are a home buyer in the Sarasota, Florida area, Ed Martinez is the man to go to.  I just closed on two deals recently with Mr. Martinez and was amazed on how this veteran realtor took the leadership role throughout the mortgage approval process and made the deal happen.

Ed Martinez first called me to see if I can help a first time home buyer get approved for a home he really wanted.  Ed Martinez really went beyond the call of duty in helping this young man get financing.  The issue with this home buyer was that he had a job where his employer paid him part check and part cash and had a tough time qualifying due to high debt to income ratios.  Long story short, Ed Martinez must have taken the file to half a dozen of his lenders but nobody was able to help him.  Most realtors would have given up and told the home buyer to wait until he had steady income and to get his own mortgage lender.  That is not in Mr. Ed Martinez.  Mr. Martinez is a realtor and not a mortgage loan originator.  However, since no mortgage loan officer could help this home buyer, Mr. Martinez took the leadership role like a big brother and went to work.  Luckily, I found a correspondent lender that would take on this home buyer’s deal, but we had to go through hoops.  The home buyer was not the only issue.  The subject property did not pass appraisal inspection due to deferred maintenance.  Ed Martinez again coordinated with the sellers agent where the home buyer had access to do the repairs so we can pass the appraisal re-inspection.  Another hurdle.  The appraiser that was supposed to come out to re-inspect the property ended up getting hospitalized and we had to wait until he was well again.  Unfortunately, the appraiser passed and the appraisal was pretty much null and void.  The whole appraisal process needed to start all over again.  Long story short, there was one hurdle after another with this file.  The appraisal was not the only issue.  Condition after conditions kept on propping up on this file.  The seller and seller’s agent was about to throw in the towel.  The home buyer gave up and lost faith in buying his first home.  Ed Martinez would not give up and was always supportive and kept the home buyer, the home seller, and the seller’s agent all calm.  We finally got a clear to close and the home closed thanks to Mr. Ed Martinez.

A True Realtor Who Really Cares For His Clients: Ed Martinez

Witnessing on how much Mr. Martinez cares for his clients, I had a pre-approved home buyer looking for water front home for months with no luck.  This home buyer had a realtor who would not return her phone calls and pretty much told her that it was almost next to impossible to get a waterfront property under $300,000.  I referred this client to Ed Martinez.  Within 3 weeks, Mr. Ed Martinez has found her a waterfront property under $300,000 and we recently closed on the home.

Mr. Martinez is by far my realtor of choice and my company, Neighborhood Loans with close to 100 plus licensed mortgage loan originators in six states, know that any pre-approved client in the Sarasota, Florida area goes to Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams.  Mr. Ed Martinez really went beyond the call of duty.  Ed Martinez is a professional who really truly cares for his clients and treats his clients like family.  Mr. Ed Martinez is a gentleman and a scholar who gives his profession the respect it deserves.

Ed Martinez has been a Florida licensed realtor based in Sarasota, Florida since 2004.  Mr. Ed Martinez has been dedicated to providing the highest lever of service and professionalism to first time home buyers, veteran home buyers, and home sellers.  It is of no surprise that his natural commitment to his service and leadership qualities have earned him the “Five Star- best in client satisfaction Real Estate Agent” award from 2007 to 2009.

Ed Martinez also hold the prestigious Certified Distressed Property Expert designation and is a certified REO specialist.

Ed Martinez has been a resident of Sarasota, Florida since 1982.  Ed is a full service realtor and an expert in short sales, pre-foreclosures, loss mitigation, debt settlement, and market analysis.


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