Secure Your Income With Loss Of Income Insurance Protection

Loss Of Income Insurance? To protect wealth and grow wealth is my job and desire as an insurance broker/agent and wealth manager.  Question- can you protect wealth without a savings account that is increasing? Can you protect wealth by being half covered with insurance that could cost money by taking your hard earned savings for doctor bills that were incurred by unexpected accident, wreck or injury? Rashad Carmichael can you show me a way to fully protect my body, property, expenses and future wealth and income? Yes, I can and yes, I will!

Importance Of Loss Of Income Insurance

If you are driving or walking or working and are injured, no one pays you- if you have insurance it is protection for you against being sued for damage or injury that your liable to another party and the policy pays for damage and others peoples doctor bills if your at fault.  Who pays you?

The Insurance Plaza has personal and commercial body insurance that will pay the policy owner in upwards of $25,000 for injury or hospital bill incurred during an accident and typically comes with benefits that include $1000 per day paid to the policy owner for each day in hospital care.

What Loss Of Income Insurance Protection Covers

Loss of income insurance, offered by Rashad Carmichael of Insurance Plaza, protects the insured from loss of income while hospitalized. Most folks who are hospitalized may get their hospitalization covered but due to loss of income, they cannot pay their monthly bills and unfortunately their credit will suffer. One 30 day late payment on one’s credit report can plummet their credit scores by more than 50 points and the late payment history will stay on their credit report for a period of 7 years from the date of last activity. With loss of income insurance protection, this can be avoided and insured of loss of insurance protection will have no worries about loss of income during their stay at the hospital. Other items that loss of insurance protection covers are the following:

  • Necessary and reasonable expenses for: medical, hospital, surgical, nursing, dental, ambulance and X-ray services. Necessary medications, medical supplies and prosthetic devices may also be covered.
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of income
  • Replacement services / Disability services (for example, childcare or housework if parent is disabled due to accident related injuries)
  • Funeral expenses / Death benefit

Normal insurance is liability coverage that pays for damage and doctor bills of another person or business and will save the policy owner from a lawsuit which could jeopardize savings accounts, homes and other assets if they are sued because they are at fault.  If you dont have the above mentioned coverage then your not fully covered and that means if your sick or injured because of an accident or hospitalized because of an accident or injury -in or out of a vehicle- your policy will take care of everyone else but you and it will leave the wealth that we spoke of earlier exposed- did you know that?  Yes, your vehicle will be fixed if we are speaking in relation to the property but as you recover at home or the hospital for 1, 3 or 7 days- your not working to receive a check, your injury caused you to pay a health insurance deductible, medicine…and guess what? your bills didnt prorate themselves to compensate for the money your spending on accidents and injuries while earning less while recovering!

What Health Insurance Covers

Most insurance policies include medical payments coverage which only covers medical expenses. It doesn’t offer coverage for lost wages or loss of essential services. Medical payments benefits usually include:

  • Doctor or hospital visits  or stays (including required surgeries)
  • X-rays
  • EMT/Ambulance expenses
  • Professional nursing expenses
  • Prostheses expenses
  • Dental expenses
  • Funeral expenses

You thought you had full coverage but your leaving your assets and savings accounts and retirement accounts out to be abused because of costly expenses and without having full protection for yourself, your property, your savings and retirement account- I want you to have an answer when asked for now on, who pays you?

Contact an agent at the insurance plaza, 888-449-4977 or schedule an appointment on the web @

Buy a policy as low as $40 and make sure you would receive money in case of accident or injury- don’t go half insured like most- get educated- get fully covered with agents who care about your total health, finance and success, contact a licensed agent at the insurance plaza today @ 888-449-4977.

Feel free to contact Rashad Carmichael, President and Chief Operating Officer of Insurance Plaza direct @ 312-878-4474 (Midwest and East Territory) or for Southern Territory clients 786-350-3257

Rashad Carmichael Of Plaza Insurance

Having a phenomenal insurance agent is one of the most challenging tasks. Rashad Carmichael, President of Plaza Insurance, is a full service insurance agent that Gustan Cho and his team highly endorses and recommends. Rashad Carmichael has over 30 plus insurance carriers and most often than not, Rashad Carmichael offers not just the lower insurance premiums over other insurance agents, but offers the most coverage for the buck. Rashad Carmichael is the insurance agent to go to for homeowners or home buyer with higher debt to income ratios where every dollar counts. Contact Rashad Carmichael of Insurance Plaza at 888-449-4977 or email your insurance inquiries at

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