Governor Pritzker Uses Fear To Enforce Stay At Home Order

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Governor Pritzker Uses Fear To Enforce Stay At Home Order
Why Governor Pritzker uses fear to force order in the home

Governor Pritzker Uses Fear To Enforce Stay At Home Order of license revocation to enforce his executive stay at home order:

The coronavirus pandemic halted the U.S. economy.

  • Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. economy was booming
  • Never in the history of the United States was the economy was strong
  • Unemployment numbers were under 3.5%, marking the lowest unemployment rate in history
  • Americans were enjoying high wages, historic high stock market, low inflation rate, and a rock solid economy with no signs of a recession
  • Then the coronavirus pandemic hit the country like a category 5 hurricane
  • Within days and weeks, the whole U.S. economy shut down
  • Stay at home orders were issued by state governors
  • The country has been shut down for two months
  • Unemployment claims surpassed 36 million in the past 8 weeks

Most Americans are hoping for states to reopen so they can get back to work.

President Trump Leaves It Up To Governors To Reopen States

President Donald Trump gave the authority to state governors to reopen their states:

  • Countless states such as Georgia, Florida, Texas have reopened their states in the past two weeks
  • The good news is the COVID-19 were declining in states that reopened
  • This is a positive sign where other states announced they will be reopening their states in phases
  • However, Illinois, led by freshman liberal governor J.B Pritzker, extended the stay at home order with no exceptions in reopening until June
  • Pritzker’s extension of the stay at home order drew a lot of criticism by cities and county politicians
  • Local law enforcement and county sheriffs announced they will not be enforcing Pritzker’s stay at home orders because it was not constitutional
  • This anger J.B. Prtizker and he threatened he will use every option he has available as governor to enforce his executive stay at home order

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover on how Governor Pritzker Uses Fear To Enforce Stay At Home Order.

Governor Pritzker Uses Fear To Enforce Stay At Home Order: Loses Respect By Illinoisans

Countless of states such as Georgia, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin have reopened in the past couple of weeks.

  • However, Illinois remains closed and Governor Pritzker said he will extend his stay at home order for another 30 days
  • He also said he will keep on extending the stay at home order until he feels its safe to reopen Illinois
  • This is angering business owners and Illinoisans
  • At first, Pritzker said it is up to the communities to enforce his stay at home order
  • However, many city and county government are defying Pritzker’s stay at home order and are letting business owners to open their businesses as long as social distancing guidelines are maintained
  • This is angering Pritzker and the governor said those defying his emergency order will suffer consequences
  • He is especially threatening to revoke liquor and gambling licenses for those businesses defying his stay at home executive order
  • Dentists, barber shops, bars, restaurants, and other small businesses are at risk to losing their licenses if they open prior to Pritzker reopening Illinois
  • This holds true even though the city and/or county government says the businesses can reopen

This fear tactic by Pritzker is angering most Illinoisans. Over 75% of Illinoisans support reopening the state. States that reopened are seeing a decline in the COVID-19 cases and also a decrease in deaths.

Pritzker’s Threats To Illinoisans

When the coronavirus pandemic was at its early stages, J.B. Pritzker was reasonable and said Illinoisans should take a common sense approach individually. He said that the state and law enforcement is not going to enforce Illinoisans but rather individual should take precautions and abide by the social distancing guidelines. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic lingered on, some businesses, city and county government, and residents said enough is enough and started defying the governor’s executive stay at home order. Some local governments sued the governor’s stay at home order and won.

An Angry Governor

This angered Pritzker and this is when he started threatening businesses, taxpayers, and even local and county government politicians.

  • Pritzker went on the media daily and said his executive stay at home order is crucial in restoring safety to Illinoisans and those who violate them will suffer the consequences
  • Many ignored Pritzker’s orders and reopened their city and county governments
  • Over a dozen county sheriffs said they will not be enforcing Pritzker’s orders
  • J.B. Pritzker was becoming a national public laughing stock which he took it personally
  • Pritzker said that if local law enforcement and the county sheriff will not enforce his stay at home order, he will send the Illinois State Police to take over

Pritzker said he will do whatever necessary in enforcing his stay at home order. This includes tickets and arrests.

Governor Pritzker Uses Fear Of Revoking Business Licenses

As the state remains closed, more and more businesses may not reopen.

  • The financial damage is beyond devastating to small businesses
  • Most businesses are struggling to keep afloat
  • Some businesses reopened regardless of the stay at home order because of financial need
  • Others were planning on reopening their businesses because local Mayors, law enforcement, and public officials gave them their blessings regardless of the governor’s stay at home order

However, the governor now issued a threat that any business that opens will get their business licenses suspended.

Businesses Now Fear Of Losing Licenses

Pritzker’s office has been working overtime sending out cease and desist orders for those violating the stay at home order.

  • Besides revoking business licenses, the governor said he instructed state agencies to pursue criminal and civil violations
  • Unfortunately, many business owners were forced to remain closed and not reopened because they could not risk losing their business licenses
  • Pritzker’s fear tactics worked for many business owners. J.B. Pritzker’s fear tactics are being questioned
  • Most legal scholars said J.B. Pritzker’s fear tactics is illegal and criminal
  • There are countless of lawsuits against J.B. Pritzker
  • U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced his office will pursue criminal and civil charges against state governors who illegally extend stay at home orders

Pritzker’s fear tactics is a perfect example of what AG William Barr is talking about.

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