Adding Value To New Home Purchase

Adding Value To New Home Purchase For Home Buyers

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This BLOG On Adding Value To New Home Purchase For Home Buyers Was PUBLISHED On June 7th, 2019

A home is one’s single biggest investment.

In this blog, we will discuss Adding Value To New Home Purchase. There are ways of adding value to new home purchase without spending a lot of money.

Adding Value To New Home Purchase By Updating Home

Unless you bought a new construction home, the chances are that your home needs updating and renovations.

  • There ways of adding value to new home purchase by remodeling certain rooms in your home
  • Updated kitchens and bathrooms are a great way of adding value to new home purchase
  • Not only will you be adding value to new home purchase, but you get to enjoy your investment
  • Unfinished basements and attic spaces should be remodeled to livable living areas
  • It does not cost an arm and a leg to finish a basement and/or attic
  • You can add an extra bedroom and a bathroom
  • Many homeowners will also add a small kitchen to their basement and a bedroom to make it an in-law suite
  • Tearing out the old carpet and installing hardwood flooring will do wonders
  • Hardwood floors will last many years versus carpeting
  • Landscaping is mostly labor
  • Grass seeds, small shrubs, smaller trees do not cost a lot

Planting small trees right away is very important. It takes years for trees to mature. A 3 feet Blue Spruce can cost as little as $40 per tree. However, it takes many years to grow. Many trees only grow one foot per year.

Best Way Of Adding Value To New Home Purchase

You do not want to have the best home in your neighborhood. Having the largest home in the block is not the best investment.

Most homeowners favorite renovation projects are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms do add value to the home. Renovating and finishing basements and attic spaces will create more living space. It is a great investment that homeowners can also enjoy the remodeled finished space.

Larger Scope Repairs With Renovation Loans

Banks are the only financial institutions that homeowners can get home improvement, HELOC’s, and Second Mortgages. However, you need equity in your home to qualify for home improvement and/or HELOC’s. The maximum loan to value banks will lend on home improvement and HELOC’s is 90%. Many homeowners do not have this type of equity after they purchase a home. One option they have is to refinance their current home loan with an FHA 203k Renovation Loan. FHA 203k Loans will pay off the current home loan and the lender will give you the construction funds to renovate your home. You just need 3.5% equity after the improved value to qualify. For more information on FHA 203k Loans, please contact us at Gustan Cho Associates at 800-900-8569 or text us for faster response. Or email us at We may have other cash-out refinance loan programs depending on your equity in your home and credit/income profile.

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