February 29, 2016
Car Buying Experience

My Car Buying Experience By Bob Vogel

My Car Buying Experience This Article On My Car Buying Experience Was Written By Bob Vogel If there is anything I have done recently that most […]
October 27, 2015
Exempting Debts From Co-Signed Loans

Excluding Debts From Co-Signed Loans

Is There Ways Of Excluding Debts From Co-Signed Loans? Mortgage loan borrowers who are co-signers on debts often have a hard time qualifying for mortgage loans […]
April 15, 2015

High Debt To Income Ratio Home Loans In California

High Debt To Income Ratio Debt to income ratio is what a mortgage loan underwriter will determine whether or not a mortgage loan applicant qualifies for […]
June 21, 2014
Deferred Student Loans And FHA Loans

Deferred Student Loans

Student Loans Student loan payments are calculated by mortgage underwriters as part of the home loan borrower’s monthly debt to income ratios.  Deferred student loans can […]
April 29, 2014
Co-Signing On Home Loan

Co-Signing And Debt To Income Ratio In Qualifying For Mortgage

Co-Signing Many folks get asked to be co-signers by family members and relatives because they either have no credit or bad credit.  Co-signing for a relative […]
April 28, 2014
1099 Income Versus W2 Income

1099 Income Versus W-2 Income: Income Qualification

1099 Income: How Underwriters View 1099 Income Versus W-2 Income If you are self employed, work as an independent contractor, or your employer classifies you as a […]
January 19, 2014
Monthly Income Requirements For Home Loan

Mortgage Income Qualification: Reducing Monthly Payments

Monthly Income Qualification: Meeting Debt To Income Ratio Your debt to income ratio is one of the most important factors when it comes to a mortgage approval.  […]
January 19, 2014
High Debt To Income Ratio

High Debt To Income Ratio: Mortgage Denial Due To High DTI

Getting Denied For Mortgage Due To High Debt To Income Ratio When you apply for a mortgage loan, one key factor that will determine whether you […]
August 11, 2013

Income for mortgage loan qualification

Income For Mortgage Loan Qualification There are various factors that is taken in account when qualifying for a residential mortgage loan.  Income for mortgage loan qualification revolves on […]
July 6, 2013
Debt To Income Ratio Limit

Debt To Income Ratio Limit

Conventional Loan Debt To Income Ratio Limit Home Loans And Debt To Income Ratio Limit: Most conventional loans have debt to income ratio limit of 45%.  […]
April 1, 2013

High debt to income ratio mortgage loans

Solutions to high debt to income ratio mortgage loans Many mortgage loan borrowers think they will not qualify for a mortgage loan because they have high […]