Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief

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BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief. J.B. Pritzker, the first term rookie freshman heavy-set obese governor of Illinois, did not waste any time increasing taxes the minute he took office.

  • J.B. Pritzker doubled the state gas tax which drew huge criticisms by both Democrats and Republicans
  • Illinoisans had high hopes when J.B. Pritzker won the election for Illinois governor
  • This is because being a billionaire, voters believed he can fix Illinois financial crisis just like Donald Trump
  • Some voters even went to say that since Pritzker is worth more money than Trump, Pritzker will do a better job since the obese governor has more business experience
  • Unfortunately, Pritzker turned out to be a major flop and disappointment
  • His intelligence and competency level is questions
  • All he seems to know is to raise taxes and/or create new taxes to solve the financial crisis in Illinois
  • He does not seem to grasp the ideal that you need to live within your means
  • You cannot spend more than you take in
  • The obese heavy-set J.B. Pritzker has no intention in cutting spending
  • For example, Pritzker has given state lawmakers wage increases
  • He has also give $220 million of pay raises to high level state employees under the direction and recommendation of Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan

Mike Madigan is currently under federal criminal investigation for the alleged bribery scheme with Commonwealth Edison and other crimes. However, Pritzker has no intention on cutting spending and is still spending like money is no object.

The Economic Impact Of The COVID-19 Outbreak

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The coronavirus outbreak has hit Illinois and impacted the economy like it did with other states in the nation.

  • Pritzker was one of the first governors to shut down Illinois and is one of the last governors to still not reopen the state
  • Pritzker’s extended executive shut down order has been ruled unconstitutional by Clay Court County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney
  • However, Pritzker ignored McHaney’s order and ordered the state under his shut down order where small businesses are restricted on how they operate
  • Two thirds of workers in Illinois work at small businesses
  • Pritzker is destroying the economy in the state with his politically motivated extended executive stay at home order
  • Tens of thousands of businesses can no longer afford working on a limited restricted capacity
  • Tens of thousands of workers are still unemployed due to the restrictions placed by Pritzker
  • J.B. Pritzker is out of control
  • Many critics say they have never seen a governor with such a high level of power hunger
  • Now, Pritzker is proposing his FAIR TAX
  • The FAIR TAX is a progressive tax system
  • The more a worker makes, the more taxes they pay to the state
  • It is common sense that you do not increase taxes during times of an economic downturn like we are experiencing today
  • However, Pritzker said that everyone is wrong about increasing taxes now
  • Now is the best time to increase taxes and to change Illinois’ flat-tax to the FAIR TAX

J.B. Pritzker thinks middle income and high income wage earners should pay their fair share and higher state taxes. Over 100,000 small business owners will be affected by the FAIR TAX.

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief: Is JB Pritzker Legitimate And Honest?

Public Corruption in Illinois is costing taxpayers over $550 million every year. Six Illinois Governors have been charged with felonies. Out of the six governors charged, four Illinois governors were arrested, convicted, and sent to federal prisons for crimes they have committed while they were in office. It seems J.B. Pritzker will be the next corrupt Illinois governor that will get arrested, convicted, and sent to federal prison for his alleged tax fraud scheme:

  • It did not take Pritzker any time for his wife MK Pritzker and himself to land a federal criminal investigation into his alleged tax fraud scheme either
  • Four months into his term, Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker removed all the toilets from a home he owned next to his primary residence in Chicago’s Gold Coast to cheat on his property taxes
  • By removing the toilets, the assessed value of the home went from $6 million to a mere $1 million
  • Doing so, JB Pritzker and MK Pritzker have saved $331,000 in property tax savings
  • When the Pritzker’s tax fraud scheme unveiled, J.B. Pritzker wrote a personal check for $331,000 and paid the Cook County Assessor’s Office promptly to avoid any criminal investigation and/or inquiry
  • However, it was too late
  • Federal criminal investigators from the Chicago FBI Field Office and prosecutors from the Northern District Office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office have started and launched a federal criminal investigation into J.B. Pritzker and M.K. Pritzker’s alleged tax fraud scheme

The federal criminal investigation is still ongoing. JB Pritzker is denying any criminal investigation.

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief: JB Pritzker Spent $56.9 Million Of His Personal Money Promoting The FAIR TAX

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The heavy-set extremely obese J.B. Pritzker is on a mission to change Illinois’ current flat-tax to his FAIR TAX at all costs.

  • Pritzker has spent over $56.9 million of his own personal funds on ads promoting the FAIR TAX
  • In order for the FAIR TAX to pass, voters must vote for it on November 3rd, 2020
  • Once voters vote for the FAIR TAX, the Illinois state constitution needs to get amended to change the fair-tax to a progressive tax system
  • Pritzker is lobbying hard for his FAIR TAX. Illinois FAIR TAX ads promise false property tax relief for homeowners
  • The ad is definitely misleading
  • However, many Illinoisans are buying it and believing Pritzker
  • Pritzker is claiming the FAIR TAX in Illinois will lower property taxes for homeowners
  • This is absolute not true, deceptive, misleading, and a complete lie by JB Pritzker
  • Every state in the nation with no state income taxes has lower property taxes that is substantially lower than Illinois
  • Voters need to read and study the FAIR TAX amendment
  • The progressive tax amendment has absolutely nothing about property tax reforms or property tax caps in Illinois

Without the proper verbiage, there is no guarantee property taxes will not increase as income taxes increase due to the FAIR TAX.

Pritzker’s FAIR TAX Ads Misleading, And A Blatant Lie To Taxpayers

Dale Elenteny of Gustan Cho Associates is a lifelong Illinois native and is an expert in Illinois government budget and finance.
Pritzker is doing more damage to Illinois’ economy.

  • He is not addressing the problem that is facing the state
  • Why are other lower taxed states thriving and raking in billions of revenue and Illinois is on the verge of going bankrupt
  • Pritzker needs to stop with his out of control power hunger and look at the models other lower taxed states have in place
  • It is obvious the state’s pension system needs reform
  • The pension system is broken and is running like a Ponzi Scheme
  • Illinois needs to get rid of Pritzker and have a competent leader for a governor
  • Seven states in the U.S. has zero state income taxes
  • These seven states all have substantially lower property taxes than Illinois
  • Pritzker will not look at the models of these seven states
  • JB Pritzker thinks he is a good leader and has all the solution
  • Changing the flat-tax to the FAIR TAX is not the solution
  • The FAIR TAX will backfire on JB Pritzker big time

Millions of Illinoisans are already thinking of fleeing to other lower taxed states with a competent governor and lawmakers.

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief: No Correlation Between High Income Taxes Versus Low Property Taxes

See the chart below on how Illinois property taxes are higher than states with no state income tax:

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief

There is absolutely no correlation between state income tax versus property states across the 50 states.

  • Pritzker is claiming higher income taxes will mean lower property taxes for homeowners
  • This is a blatant lie
  • Pritzker is trying to get voters to vote YES on the FAIR TAX amendment on November 3rd, 2020’s election
  • J.B. Pritzker will say anything, including lies, to get voters to say YES
  • Pritzker thinks by changing the current flat-tax system to his progressive tax plan will fix Illinois’ financial crisis
  • There is no way in HELL that the FAIR TAX will come close to fixing Illinois’ financial crisis
  • Not even close. Illinoisans are not stupid
  • You will have tens of thousands of Illinoisans fleeing the state to other low taxes taxes like Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota
  • Over 100,000 small business will be paying 50% higher in taxes under Pritzker’s FAIR TAX

In other words, higher state income taxes are not associated with lower property tax burdens.

Look At The Graph Below: Data Shows High State Income Taxes Have Absolutely No Relation To Lower Property Taxes:

Illinois Fair Tax Ads Promise False Property Tax Relief

The Last State That Changed Fair Tax To Progressive Tax Back Fired

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The last state that adopted a progressive tax was Connecticut back in 1996. Just like J.B. Pritzker’s lie and deception on how a progressive tax would lower property taxes, Connecticut politicians promised the same. Property tax relief was promised to taxpayers in Connecticut but that turned out to be deception and a blatant lie. The promise of the progressive tax lowering property taxes was broken. Turning Connecticut into a progressive tax system made property taxes to increase year after year at 35% historic record rates.  Middle class income skyrocketed to a 13% increase. Politicians promised a drop in state income taxes for middle class and lower class wage earners. The promise was broken and voters regretted for voting for changing the state’s flat tax to a progressive tax system in Connecticut. Pritzker’s deceptive ad promoting his FAIR TAX should be ignored. Illinoisans need to vote NO on the FAIR TAX amendment. Illinois needs a complete overhaul by getting rid of politicians currently in office and electing competent honest politicians. A governor who is hands on with common sense needs to get elected. Someone who understands that Illinois is broken. You need to fix the system by first fixing and reforming the state’s broken pension system. Cut spending. Live within your means. Run state government like a business. Cut the fat. Privatize as many state departments as you can. Lower states across the board to attract new taxpayers and businesses. The way Pritzker is going about running Illinois is a definitely failure. Pritzker is making taxpayers and businesses flee to other states. Pritzker is ruining Illinois and needs to get removed.

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