Why I Chose Homeschooling

Why I Chose Homeschooling Was Written By Francine Sinclair

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of nostalgic about air travel as it used to be before the 90’s. I remember that flying was a grand event. My grandmother used to wear her best suits, her finest jewelry and even hats. Dressed up as if I was going to church, I would prance through the airport with excitement. I was always given a set of wings to pin on my dress and meals during the flight. The food was good and the snacks weren’t bad either. There was no such thing as nickel and diming passengers for every single little thing. I can’t remember seeing people in athletic gear or tennis shoes back in those days either. Being a flight attendant was a highly regarded career, and being a pilot was very prestigious. Air travel was a pleasure for average people and not only for the rich. I’m not certain about what happened to the airline industry, but as far as I can see, it has deteriorated steadily.

Public Education Versus Homeschooling

I feel the same way about public education—it has been deteriorating steadily. I might be wrong but I think public education was better in the past. I’m not an expert with initials behind my name, but as a parent I saw what a few years of school did to my kids—the opposite of what I expected. I expected them to get a well-rounded education, to have lots of friends and to become more self-confident with time. I really hoped that they would enjoy attending school and develop a love for learning.  None of that happened though. In fact, quite the opposite did. My kids didn’t learn much about anything at school except how to memorize fragmented information, in order to regurgitate it later during a test. For the amount of time, resources and energy invested in school, the return was lousy. What happened to grammar, cursive, geography and giving kids time to understand math and science?  Education today is like a runaway train and it’s miles wide but less than an inch deep. I never imagined that it could take anyone 2 or 3 hours per day to do 3rd grade level homework. Why is it not a good idea to have kids memorize multiplication facts anymore? How does segregating kids by age make them more mature and smarter? Can teachers really teach 16 or 18 children of different levels all at the same time and at the same pace? These were some of the nagging questions that bothered me for years, and of course, they are my personal observations and opinions.

Is Homeschooling Better Then Public Education?

It was tough for me to face the obvious because until recently, I used to think that the education provided by schools was the cornerstone of the American Dream. Nonetheless, after years of being involved in the public school system, I just got tired of seeing my kids stressing over grades and standardized tests. I got tired of witnessing them struggle with information that was being fed to them too fast for them to absorb or before they were mature enough to understand it. I got tired of seeing how teachers work so hard to do their best, but have their hands tied with curriculums, the lack of resources and demands that are practically impossible to meet.

Due Diligence Prior To Homeschooling

I had had enough of it.  I finally worked up the courage to do some research and when I did– my deepest fears were confirmed. People whom I had never met before, had dealt with the same issues that my children and I were facing. Issues that I had hoped were only in my imagination. The common thread in the dozens of articles and books that I read was that homeschooling was a better option for many reasons. I really doubted my ability to take on such an important task, but my source of encouragement was having the opportunity to meet kids and adults who have been or were homeschooled. I realized that my prejudices against homeschooling were unfounded.  Even though the learning curb is steep and can be overwhelming, I am in good company. Now I am confident enough to know that I am fully capable of helping my kids obtain a high-quality, customized education because after all, I was their first teacher, and the one who loves them the most.

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