Homeless Helped By Chicago Realtor Candice Payne During Artic Blast

The BLOG On Homeless Helped By Chicago Realtor Candice Payne During Artic Blast Was PUBLISHED On February 3rd, 2019

It just seems like the world has gotten worse since the era I grew up. My parents always taught me to respect elders, never steal, lie, and treat others you want to be treated. When you give a gift to someone, never expect anything back. If you watch the news these days, you do not know what is the truth and what is fake news. Opposite political parties are bashing each other. It seems The White House was sacred and the President of the United States always got respect by all political parties. Now you have Congressional Leaders bashing the President and news outlets siding with one party and reporting fake news and/or politically biased news. Don’t give up hope. If you believe in God and Angels, boy do we have a story to tell our viewers. Chicago Homeless Helped By Chicago Realtor Candice Payne. Chicago and its surround areas has one of the coldest winters in decades. Artic Blast hit Chicago and a dozen Midwestern and Eastern States last week. Totally out of the blue a Chicago businesswoman comes out of the grapevine and makes national news. A true inspirational story where it gives us hope that Good Honest Caring people still exist in the World. God does have Angels like Candice Payne to act as messengers to those with need of help.

Homeless Helped By Chicago Realtor: Who Is Candice Payne

We have not met Candice Payne. However, after news broke about Homeless Helped By Chicago Realtor, we did some research of our own. Ms. Payne did not do this act of kindness to get publicity. The press was not notified of her intentions. Politicians like Chicago Rahm Emmanuel would never initiate an act of kindness like Candice Payne without having the whole press core prepared. Not just Rahm Emmanuel but what other local, county, state politician do you think would do such a grand deed without any benefit to them? I cannot think of one. Candice Payne paid for hotel room for Chicago homeless people during the artic blast. How cold was Chicago? The City was closed. Countless of cars did not start. Pipes were broken.  Businesses were closed. 25 below zero temperatures spiked to over 50 below zero with windchill factors. Candice realized this and with only a moment’s notice gathered friends, strangers, and associates to step up and raise some serious dollars to rent over 60 hotel rooms for homeless folks in need.

How Candice Payne Took Action To Help 

As news that frigid sub-zero temperatures will hit Chicago and the Midwest developed, Ms. Payne worried about residents of a local homeless shelter. On February 29th, 2019, Candice, her husband, and friends got 20 homeless folks into hotel rooms at a local hotel, Amber Inn, who would take them in. The 34 year old real estate agent spend $1,400 to get these folks into the hotel rooms. Each hotel room cost $70 dollars. Modestly, Candice told the Chicago Tribune the following:

“This is just regular people trying to help. We wanted to get as much of them out of there as possible.”

After booking rooms for 20 people, Candice went back the next day and found more people who needed shelter. Needing help to get these folks out of dangerous level frigid cold temperatures, Candice took the leadership role and shared her mission on Instagram. She asked anyone if they can join her crusade and donate $70 for a room and warm meal on Cash App.  More Angels were sent to Candice with funding to help more folks in need of shelter and warm meal. Close to 70 homeless people were taken out of the dangerous cold and placed in a warm hotel room. Slightly over 100 people were placed in hotel rooms due to Candice taking the leadership role. Payne, who owns her own real estate brokerage firm in Chicago, had her associates help with her mission by cooking warm meals. Payne plans on continuing with helping the homeless in finding longer term solutions.

Candice Payne is one person everyone should know. Good people still exists in this world. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group will keep our viewers posted on more stories about Candice Payne. Stay Tuned.

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