Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses

BREAKING NEWS: Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses
JB Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses:
  • Never in the history of Illinois has a governor caused so many businesses to go out of business permanently and cause the mass exodus of taxpayers
  • JB Pritzker, a political newcomer, won the 2018 Illinois governor’s election
  • Many Illinoisans had high hopes for the freshman rookie governor since he was a billionaire
  • But one thing Illinoisans did not know was that Pritzker was not a self-made billionaire
  • Pritzker inherited his billions from the death of his father
  • As time passes, Pritzker has been proven he has no business knowledge
  • If he were a competent businessman, he would cut spending while increasing taxes to fix the budget deficit
  • However, JB Pritzker is increasing existing taxes at all levels, creating new taxes, and increasing spending creating a deeper financial crisis
  • Now the governor is proposing a progressive tax system
  • A new progressive tax system would increase taxes more than 47% for small businesses
  • Over 60% of jobs are created by small business owners
  • Small business owners already expressed in leaving Illinois due to having an incompetent governor

JB Pritzker was an heir to the Hyatt Hotel Family.

Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses: Taxes Are Creating Mass Exodus Of Taxpayers

Little did voters know that the only solution JB Pritzker in solving the state’s financial crisis was raising taxes.

  • Out of 2,600 out of the 4,400 closed, Illinois businesses are never expected to recover
  • They will be closed permanently
  • JB Pritzker is politicizing the coronavirus pandemic so he will get national attention
  • Illinois was the first state to close and the last state to reopen in the Nation

The longer the state remains in lockdown, the harder it is for businesses to reopen.

Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses: Illinois Now The Highest Taxed State In The Nation

Illinois is the highest taxed state in the Nation:

  • The state has the second-highest property tax rate in the country
  • The state is ranked as the most corrupt state in the country
  • Chicago is ranked as the most corrupt city in the Nation
  • Public corruption in Illinois cost taxpayers more than $550 million annually
  • The combination of incompetent politicians, increasing taxes, more regulations, and constant public corruption is creating a mass exodus of small business owners and taxpayers to other low taxed states

Never before in Illinois history has the state had such a mass out-migration of small businesses and individual taxpayers.

Does Illinois Have A Corrupt Governor?

Illinois has a long history of public corruption. Over 1,700 judges, public employees, mayors, alderman, congressman, senators, lawmakers, governors, and other public servants were convicted and sentenced to jail for public corruption.

  • Six Illinois governors were charged and convicted of felonies and were sentenced to prison
  • Can JB Pritzker be the next jailbird?
  • In 2019, Pritzker got caught for removing toilets from a home he owned next to his primary residence in Chicago’s Gold Coast
  • The reason Pritzker removed all of the toilets from the home is so he can do a property tax appeals and deem the home uninhabitable
  • After the inspector from the Cook County County Assessor’s Office inspected the property, Pritzker has ordered his contractors to re-install the toilets
  • JB Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker got caught with this tax fraud scheme
  • Pritzker immediately paid the $331,000 in property tax break he goes to the Assessor’s Office
  • Pritzker denied any wrongdoing and said the Feds are not going to investigate him since he paid the $331,000 in property tax breaks

However, it turned out federal investigators are aggressively investigating the tax fraud scam Pritzker and his wife pulled.

Pritzker Is Increasing Taxes At All Levels Creating A Mass Out-Migration Of Small Businesses And Taxpayers

Pritzker is becoming increasingly unpopular due to raising taxes on anything he can think of.

Here is what JB Pritzker has been up to:

  • Pritzker has raised taxes in over 20 items
  • Pritzker has also doubled the state’s gas taxes
  • The rookie freshman governor also gave state lawmakers raises when the state is going through the worst financial crisis in history
  • Pritzker has been lobbying hard to change the state’s flat tax to a progressive tax system
  • Experts believe changing the state’s flat-tax to a progressive tax will be the end of Illinois
  • The governor also gave over $200 million in pay raises to high-level state workers
  • The governor also hired 35 high-level employees whose names he got from House Speaker Michael J. Madigan who is under federal criminal investigation
  • It only took JB Pritzker to be under federal criminal tax fraud investigation after getting elected governor of Illinois

In this breaking news article, we will discuss  Pritzker Tax Increases And Incompetence Bankrupting Businesses in Illinois.

Pritzker’s Politicizing Coronavirus Pandemic Creating More Businesses To Close Permanently

Illinois was the first state to close and the last state to reopen due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the state lockdown gets extended, more Illinois businesses are permanently shut down. The temporary closings are either turning into permanent business closings or the business owner needing to file bankruptcy.

Michelle McCue and Jammi Cash of Gustan Cho Associates did a study on the Illinois out-migration numbers. Michelle McCue and Jammi Cash said the following:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Illinois is expected to lose 94,200 service sector jobs should state officials begin to reinstate closure orders.

Chicago’s economic fallout, exacerbated by new COVID-19 restrictions, could very likely set the tone for the rest of the state. Thousands of businesses previously banking on temporary closures and a slow but steady return to normal are quickly seeing these shutdowns become permanent.

This is a developing story. We will keep our viewers updated on developments in the coming days and weeks.

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