Illinois Governor Under Investigation And How It Affects Taxpayers

This ARTICLE On Illinois Governor Under Investigation And How It Affects Taxpayers Was PUBLISHED On October 15th, 2019

What is the Illinois Governor's investigation and how does it affect taxpayers?

Illinois leads when it comes to federal corruption investigations, arrests, and convictions of its politicians and lawmakers.

  • Three Illinois governors have been investigated, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for corruption
  • The newly elected Illinois Governor Under Investigation is making Illinoisans nervous about the state of the economy
  • Illinois is in financial trouble with mountain deficits
  • The state’s pension debt exceeds $241 billion
  • Illinois property taxes are the second-highest in the nation, right behind New Jersey
  • Experts predict the state will surpass New Jersey’s first position on the highest-property tax rate in the nation by late 2020
  • The state keeps on increasing property taxes to meet its debt obligations with no cap in the near future
  • High property taxes are depreciating home values
  • Besides high property taxes, Illinois has some of the highest tax rates in the nation
  • JB Pritzker is not only raising existing taxes but implementing new taxes to fix the state’s financial crisis
  • Now with the Illinois Governor Under Investigation, Illinoisans are nervous on how this will affect them

In this article, we will cover and discuss how the Illinois Governor Under Investigation And How It Affects Taxpayers.

Illinoisans Shock By The News Of Illinois Governor Under Investigation By The Feds

What that's mean Illinoisans Shock By The News Of Illinois Governor Under Investigation By The Feds

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (The FBI) is now investigating Illinois governor JB Pritzker for potential tax fraud. FBI Agents are focusing on Pritzker’s tax appeal on his Chicago townhome. It is alleged that Pritzker instructed contractors to remove toilets from his Chicago townhome to make it uninhabitable. By doing so, it lowers the assessed value of the property thus lowering property taxes. Whenever federal agents start a criminal investigation, it is a serious business. J.B. Pritzker, his wife, and his brother-in-law are under federal criminal investigation for property tax appeal fraud. This topic initially came up during the governor’s 2018 campaign.

Federal Criminal Investigation Of J.B. Pritzker And Family

What that's mean Federal Criminal Investigation Of J.B. Pritzker And Family

There are no pending criminal charges against J.B. Pritzker, his wife M.K. Pritzker, nor his brother in law.

  • The investigation is in its early stages and could lead to a potential indictment and arrest in the coming weeks or months
  • Federal criminal investigations do take a long time
  • The Feds are investigating potential property tax fraud against Pritzker on a 126-year-old townhome that is located next to his primary residence in Chicago

The property is owned by Pritzker and his wife M.K. Pritzker.

Statement By J.B. Pritzker On The Criminal Investigation By The Feds

What is Statement By J.B. Pritzker On The Criminal Investigation By The Feds

J.B. Pritzker defended the allegations and said the following:

Let me be clear that I’m very confident that any review of this matter will show that all the rules were followed. I have not been contacted by any law enforcement, neither has M.K.

Cook County Inspector General’s Report

What does Cook County Inspector General's Report mean?

According to a report by an inspector general in Cook County, M.K. Pritzker instructed contractors and plumbers to remove toilets from the townhome that is in question.

  • By doing so, the property can be classified as being not habitable
  • Uninhabitable properties are allowed a huge property tax break in Cook County
  • Investigators are delving whether the Pritzker’s instructed plumbers to remove toilets so they can take advantage of lower property taxes
  • By doing so, they may have committed property tax fraud

The inspector general also noted that M.K. Pritzker’s direct assistant Christine Lovely and Thomas J. Muenster (Pritzker’s brother in law) gave false statements and hid important documentation concerning the property tax appeal.

Why Illinoisans Are Nervous With J.B. Pritzker’s Federal Criminal Investigation

Why Illinoisans Are Nervous With J.B. Pritzker's Federal Criminal Investigation

Illinois is in bad shape in more than one way.

  • The state has a major cash shortage in all departments
  • The state’s pension debt exceeds $241 billion
  • Pritzker is raising taxes on existing taxes but also implementing new taxes as a solution in solving the state’s financial mess
  • J.B. Pritzker is also introducing and lobbying for the state to change its flat tax to a progressive income tax system
  • With progressive taxes, the more you make, the more you pay in income taxes
  • Illinoisans are not too happy with J.B. Pritzker’s performance as their new governor
  • Illinois needs total reform
  • Illinois has a history of corrupt lawmakers and governors
  • Four Illinois governors have gotten indicted and sent to prison since 1970
  • Can Pritzker be the next governor to be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison

The arrest and jailing of J.B. Pritzker will definitely cause more unrest in Illinois.

Pritzker Shrugs Away Concerns

Why Pritzker Shrugs Away Concerns

Unlike taxpayers, the media, and others, J.B. Pritzker does not seem to be concerned about the federal criminal investigation. Here is what he said about the investigation by federal agents:

My opponents raised this issue, and it became a political subject last October. I have no concerns that there will be criminal charges stemming from the investigation. I am only focused on my current job responsibilities. We have many bills that are focused on lifting up working families.

Illinois Governor Under Investigation And Potential Outcome

What are the potential results during the Illinois Governorate investigation

Pritzker and lawmakers’ priority are to somehow come up with a solution of coming up with a $3 billion dollar shortfall. They are brainstorming on ways to come up with the cash. This includes raising taxes, implementing new taxes, raising property taxes, and changing the state’s flat tax to the progressive tax system. Pritzker is really banking on revenues coming from the legalization of marijuana. In the meantime, Illinoisans are leaving the state to other lower-taxed states which are adding to the budget deficit. The shrinking population, budget shortfalls, pension debts, increasing taxes, depreciating property values due to high property taxes are all factors that the state is on the verge of junk-bond rating status.

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