Future Of Texas Homeowners Living Near Border Wall


This BLOG On Future Of Texas Homeowners Living Near Border Wall Was PUBLISHED On February 4th, 2019

The state of Texas is the second largest state in the United States.

  • Texas is the second biggest state in both size and population
  • Texas has one of the greatest economies out of all states in the U.S.
  • Texas is home to many corporations
  • The state has mild winters
  • There are no state income taxes in the state
  • Unemployment numbers are in the low 2% which is far lower than the national average of 3.7%
  • Homes are half the value than it is in California
  • Many Americans are migrating to Texas in high numbers
  • The open space of the state and wildlife makes it attractive to many city dwellers who are looking to leave states like California and New York
  • Many see the state as the land of opportunity where they can make Texas their final home and raise families
  • Texas has the reputation of being the Oil Capital of America
  • Texas homeowners take their land rights very seriously

On this article, we will discuss the future of Texas Homeowners near the Mexican/U.S. Border. How Trump’s Border Security Wall is going to affect the future of Texas Homeowners living near the Mexican Border will be covered.

Uncertainty Of Future Of Texas Homeowners Living Near Mexican Border

However, there are uncertainty in the future of Texas Homeowners Living Near Border Wall between Mexico and U.S.

  • Many older Texas property owners and their ancestors will go to war and take on a fierce fight than give up their land
  • Some properties near the Mexican/U.S. border are owned by landowners who owned them for many generations
  • These homeowners will not sell their properties or give the government permission to build a border security wall facing their backyard
  • Countless of politicians are advocating and invoking private property rights
  • Then there are Texas homeowners who love the opportunity to sell their land to the federal government through eminent domain
  • What will the future of Texas homeowners living in the South Border bring?
  • The nasty fight between Democratic Misfits Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and President Donald J. Trump is getting nastier as time passes
  • Our government will probably be shut down for the second time come February 15th 2019 if the border security funding is not resolved

In the meantime, the Future of Texas homeowners living near the border remains uncertain.

Property Rights For Homeowners In The U.S.

Being able to own a home is one of the greatest benefits given to us as Americans. Most people’s biggest investment is their home. Most homeowners do not consider their house as a property but rather a home. A home is where you raise your kids. A home is where memories are made. Many homeowners do not care in making countless of money from the sale of their homes. As far as they are concerned, their home is not for sale for any specific dollar amount. There are homeowners who have owned their homes for generation after generations.

On a 2014 post on Facebook, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said:

“The Right to property is one of the most basic rights of Americans, and it has empowered pioneers to create opportunity and fuel commerce since the founding of our nation.”

At the time, Senator Ted Cruz was criticizing and voicing his opinion against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management action on the Red River. 

Politicians are taking private ownership rights very seriously.

Here is a quote from Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2017:

“While we rightly rail against overreach by the federal government — like the previous administration’s attempt to take away rights from Texas landowners by regulating ponds and ditches on private land — local municipalities are increasingly infringing on private property rights and driving up costs for homeowners, renters and job-creating businesses alike.”

Abbott furthermore states:

For whatever reason, such deep respect for private property rights seems to go out the window when it comes to plans for 25 miles of border levee barrier in Hidalgo County and another 8 miles in Starr County. This is a small piece of President Donald Trump’s border wall, which will cut right through private property about a mile north of the border.

“I think Washington politicians, including some of our Texas senators and congressmen, are accomplishing what Gen. Santa Anna couldn’t do, and that is establishing the border north of the Rio Grande River”

There are many farmers who own acreage near McAllen Texas. McAllen is near the Rio Grande. Many farmers own farms they inherited by their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Some own farms that are over 1,000 acres.

Homeowners Concerns Of Border Security

Many homeowners living near the Southern U.S./Mexico border are concerned about security. They often witness many illegal aliens crossing the border. Majority of them are concerned with Border Security. However, they do not want a gigantic 30 to 50 feet wall facing their backyards. What will it do to property values? Will they ever be able to sell their properties? What will life be like after the government built the wall? Will family members and residents be safe? Will the border protection be secure or was it just for show and political reasons? How will building the border security wall affect wildlife? Both parties, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are advocating border security without building a physical wall. For example, U.S. Republican Congressman William Hurd and many Democrats are proposing using technology such as drones, sensors, and other high tech tools along with manpower versus building the wall. They are laughing at President Trump’s border wall idea. The President pledged in building the Wall during his Presidential Run and does not seem like he will be backing down. 

Effects Of Building U.S./Mexican Wall On Homeowners

There is no opposition that Texas homeowners will be affected when the government starts building the wall in full force. The construction of the border wall will be cutting through private property lines a mile north of the border. This will put some homes and property on the South Side of the Wall. This means Americans will be living in Mexico. The future of Texas homeowners living near the U.S./Mexico Border remains uncertain. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group will be covering this topic in days, weeks, months to come. We will keep our viewers updated on current news.

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