Chicago Corruption

Chicago Corruption Ranks As The Top In The Nation

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This ARTICLE On Chicago Corruption Ranks As The Top In The Nation Was PUBLISHED On November 17th, 2019

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The Second City, Chicago, may be the nation’s second-largest city but it ranks as the number one city in the Nation when it comes to corruption.

  • Illinois ranks as the top third city when it comes to corruption
  • Chicago currently made news recently with FBI raids of long-time Chicago Alderman Edward Burke
  • Alderman Burke is the husband of Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke
  • Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s associates are also making headlines with recent raids by the Feds
  • Multiple municipalities are under federal investigation for potential kickback schemes
  • Illinois had four governors charged with crimes serve prison terms
  • Current Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is under federal criminal investigation for property tax appeals fraud
  • This case is still under investigation
  • Pritzker has denied any wrongdoing
  • Chicago and the state of Illinois have a long history of public corruption
  • The Feds are aggressively investigating wrongdoing by politicians

In this article, we will cover and discuss Chicago Corruption Ranks As The Top In The Nation While Illinois Ranks Third.

Recent Data Show Chicago Corruption Numbers And Ranking

What is the latest data that shows the numbers and ranking of corruption in Chicago

A recent report by Fox News on the most corrupt big cities in the Nation, Chicago Corruption Ranks As The Top In The Nation While the state of Illinois ranks as the top third. The data and report released public last week from the University of Illinois at Chicago, which shows data that Chicago Corruption leads all other municipalities in the U.S. According to the note of the University of Illinois at Chicago report also ranks the state of Illinois as the third most corrupt state in the Nation including the District of Columbia. The report’s authors note shows the list of corruption of all major U.S. large cities and states in rank.

How The Data Was Gathered To Show Chicago Corruption

How The Data Was Gathered To Show Chicago Corruption

Michael Gracz of Gustan Cho Associates has been following this story for the past 24 months. He has also moved out of Illinois to Colorado due to high Illinois taxes and public corruption.

The data above was adjusted for per capita for the population. New York, California, Florida, and Texas have more corruption than Illinois. However, the population of those states is larger than Illinois. Due to having more people than Illinois, the report adjusted the numbers. Therefore, the per capita numbers rank Illinois higher than the higher populous states.

Public Corruption Is Major Reason For Budget Deficit

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Both Chicago corruption, as well as the corruption on the state level, is one of the major causes of budget deficits. Chicago is the highest taxed city in the Nation. However, Chicago leads as the number one city in the Nation that is in a financial crisis. This is not just due to incompetent politicians. It is due to public corruption. There is no number on how much Chicago Corruption is bleeding the city. For example, Alderman Edward Burke is alleged to have extorted companies and businesses to use his private tax appeals law firm. Burke is accused of extorting businesses seeking remodeling permits. Businessowners needed to use his law firm or else they would not get the proper permits. This is one of the many cases that is currently pending in Chicago. The corruption is on a statewide level. If Chicago Corruption does not end soon, it hurts homeowners and taxpayers. The aftermath of public corruption means higher property taxes, higher sales taxes, and other taxes.

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