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Gustan Cho Associates Preferred Partners

Gustan Cho Associates is a real estate and mortgage information resource website and was launched with the mission to provide the public consumer information about real estate and lending questions. Gustan Cho Associates have partnered up with real estate industry and mortgage professionals who are experts in their fields to provide valuable information to first time home buyers, seasoned home buyers, investors seeking financing, those seeking financing, and property buyers with bad credit seeking short term financing and hard money loans.

Many of our viewers are home buyers who got denied for mortgage loans seeking options available to them, consumers drowning in debt and needing general advise by bankruptcy attorneys or credit consultants, and those seeking non-traditional financing such as short term bridge loans or alternative financing. Gustan Cho Associates teams up with real estate industry partners who are write topics that may be beneficial to the general public. For example, the pros and cons on filing bankruptcy will most likely be authored by partners who are in the credit and legal industry such as bankruptcy attorneys or credit consultants. What to look for during a home inspection will most likely be authored by a home inspector or a general contractor. The content on Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center are only opinions of the author and we cannot confirm the accuracy, validity, or inaccuracy of the content of the publication written by our authors. We will list a directory of our Partners and contact information so feel free to contact them via phone call or email if you need further information on the article they have written or need to consult with them on their professional services.

Gustan Cho Associates Preferred Partners

Every consumer and homeowner should have a list of reputable contractors and vendors. Whether they are in need of a real estate attorney, accountant, insurance, realtor, plumber, electrician, well and septic professional, landscaper, architect, roofer, handyman, home inspector, appraiser, mortgage lender, or other professional, a list of reputable professionals and professional service company should be available at all times. You should not wait until the very last minute to find a heating and cooling professional if your furnace breaks down in the middle of a harsh winter. We have created a directory of professionals who are our preferred partners and are guest writers for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions on their publications. We always recommend that consumers shop around before committing to the first vendor they meet or make contact.

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