Susie Scheuber Honored In REAL Trends Best Real Estate Agents In America

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Five Star Joliet,  Illinois Realtor Susie Scheuber does it AGAIN!!!!  Susie Scheuber, a veteran realtor with ReMax Joliet, Illinois, is one of the top real estate agents in America and a first time home buyer’s specialist based in Joliet, Illinois.  Susie Scheuber is one of the most popular and respected realtors among real estate professionals, real estate attorneys, mortgage bankers, bankers, and mortgage brokers. Susie Scheuber is also a guest writer for Gustan Cho Associates and writes about topics in helping renters become first time home buyers, the top appreciating areas in Chicagoland and its suburbs, dealing with banks on short sales, marketing advice in selling your home, buying foreclosures, and home staging advice. Susie Scheuber is also a mentor to many new real estate agents and is a consultant to many real estate and mortgage industry professionals such as real estate attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and consumers.

Susie Scheuber With ReMax-Joliet

Susie Scheuber with ReMax was named one of REAL Trends’ Best Real Estate Agents in America, which is a national ranking report produced by REAL Trends.

REAL Trends’ Best Real Estate Agents In America

REAL Trends’ Best Real Estate Agents in America ranks nearly 6,500 residential real estate agents solely based on their excellence in real estate sales during year 2012.  All production numbers are independently verified by a third-party in order to ensure accuracy and report integrity. Susie Scheuber is in a group of highly successful real estate sales agents that represent less than 1 percent of all real estate agents in the United States.  Being named in REAL Trends’ BEST Real Estate Agents in America is an extreme honor among real estate professionals.

Qualifying For This Honor

To qualify for this prestigious honor, realtor Susie Scheuber must have closed at least 50 transactions or $20 million in sales volume in 2012.
“The average residential real estate agent in the United States closed fewer than eight transactions in 2012 and had less than $1.5 million in sales,” says Steve Murray, publisher of REAL Trends’ Best Real Estate Agents in America and editor of REAL Trends.
“To say that Susie Scheuber is an exceptional sales professional is an understatement. To attain this level of sales is truly outstanding.”

Susie Scheuber; Will Get Your Dream Home For Home Buyers And Sell Your Home In Record Time For Home Sellers

If you are a home buyer, especially a first time home buyer, you will be doing a disservice to yourself if you do not have Susie Scheuber as your realtor.  Hands down, nobody in this planet will come close to the knowledge that Susie Scheuber has on residential real estate.  Susie takes her clients seriously and is probably more knowledgeable than any realtor I have ever met.  I have done many deals with Susie Scheuber and when Susie’s name is on the real estate contract, I know the deal will close.

Susie Scheuber Is A Premier Real Estate Agent On Zillow

Susie Scheuber is a Premier Real Estate Agent on Zillow.  You can find Susie Scheuber by going on Zillow  and check out her dozens of reviews.  Zillow is a premier, prestigious real estate website that have millions of daily hits.   Word of mouth is the best source of referrals.

Contact Susie Scheuber

You can contact Susie Scheuber at 815-263-5988.  Susie Scheuber will make owning your dream home happen.  Susie is available 7 days per week.  By the way, all of Susie Scheuber’s clients become Susie Scheuber’s family.  You will have a lifetime realtor who has the knowledge, integrity, and who is one of the most honest person I have ever met.

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