Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors And Home Inspection

A home inspection is not required by mortgage lenders in general, however, all home buyers are recommended to have home inspection done on their home purchase. Home inspectors are priceless and the price of a home inspection is worth its weight in gold.  A home inspection is normally ordered right away after both parties sign the home purchase contract. A Home Inspection is normally ordered prior to the home appraisal. If a home inspector finds many flaws on the home he or she is inspecting, he or she will note it on his or her home inspection report. Home inspectors can determine whether the home sits on a solid foundation, have mold, had or has termite issues, and check out hidden potential defects in a home. A home inspector is somewhat like a medical general family practice doctor. Most home inspections are not required by mortgage lenders, however, home inspections is highly recommended for all home buyers.

Home Inspectors Are Professionals

Most home inspectors know a little of bit of everything and once they suspect a potential issue in a home, the home inspector will note it on his or her report and suggest that the potential home buyer consult with a specialist for further investigation. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center will be updating the Home Inspection Directory periodically by region to refer potential home buyers to reputable home inspectors. We will be inviting expert home inspectors throughout the country write about all aspects of home inspection and what home buyers should look out for. Our goal at Gustan Cho Associates is to offer opinions by experts in their fields to help educate and help public consumers in the home buying process. We welcome the public to write us via email on topics they want our writers who are experts in their field to write about. Please email us at GCho@GustanCho.com or call us at 1-800-900-8569.

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