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Congratulations To Tassapat Sripetcharakool

By Gustan Cho

Tassapat Sripetcharakool has been my assistant for the past year and I like to Congratulate her in her passing the national NMLS exam and being a licensed mortgage loan originator.   I met Tassapt Sripetcharakool over a year ago when she was referred to me by one of my top realtors, Alisa Intrasena, from Palm Beach, Florida.  Tasspat Sripetcharakool, like many of us, has a deed in lieu of foreclosure a few years ago and could not find a mortgage lender that could pre-approve her.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool is not like any ordinary citizen where she will just take no for an answer so she contacted dozens of banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokers.  Almost all of them turned her down due to their internal mortgage lender overlays.  Then a good friend and realtor, Alisa Intrasena, recommended her to me.  After reviewing her financials and credit, I knew I could do this deal with no problems through one of my correspondent lenders who did not have any mortgage lender overlays and went just off automated finding via Fannie Mae Automated Underwriting System.  Long story short, Tassapat went and entered into a real estate purchase agreement and we closed on Tassapat Sripetcharakool’s new dream home in 5 weeks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Tassapat Sripetcharakool: A Person Who Helps Others

Tassapat Sripetcharakool from Thailand and she is well known in the Thai community throughout the state of Florida.  Her personal friends had the similar situation where they applied for mortgage loans with local banks, credit unions, and other mortgage companies and were told they did not qualify or had mortgage loan originators who did not return phone calls or went through other bad experiences.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool is one of those people who helps others and doesn’t expect anything back.  A true giver and not a taker.  Tassapat did extensive research to find a Thai speaking mortgage loan originator in the state of Florida and there was not a single registered Thai speaking mortgage lender.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool started giving me dozens of referrals who were Thai speaking borrowers but the problem I encountered was that these folks did not speak English too well.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool was my non-for-profit Thai interpreter and to this date, we have closed every file that came on board.  During the course of the past year, Tassapat Sripetcharakool worked for me as my assistant and she is now an experienced mortgage loan processor.  She was an extreme fast learner and was always available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to go over mortgage paperwork and work with my processing team.  I offered Tassapat Sripetcharakool a position to become a licensed mortgage loan originator and partner but one of the major conditions was for her to pass the national NMLS examination, undergo both criminal and financial background checks, and also pass the state exams that our company is licensed in.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool has pass both her National NMLS examination and state examinations with flying colors and is now a licensed mortgage loan originator with us.

Tassapat Sripetcharakool is the general manager of Too Bizaare Thai Restaurant in West Palm, Beach Florida and now a licensed mortgage loan originator with The Money Store, headquartered in New Jersey.  The Money Store is a national mortgage banking firm licensed in most of the 50 states. Tassapat Sripetcharakool has both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s of Science Degree from George Washington University.  I am extremely proud and honored to have Tassapat Sripetcharakool be part of my team and am looking forward to helping thousands of home buyers get mortgage loan approvals and to become homeowners and help current homeowners refinance their mortgage loans at the best available market rates so they can save thousands over the term of their mortgage loan.

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