Title Companies

Title Companies

Why Title Insurance And Role Of Title Companies

Why title insurance?  To ensure you are protected from the issues of the previous owner.   Construction, private loans, delinquent taxes, unpaid credit cards, business arrangements are debts that can attach to property legally when filed through a court/trustee and can make refinancing or buying a challenge.  The job of title companies, unlike other  types of insurance, is not to insure over what might happen.  The title company’s job is to insure over what already happened.  Title companies, like your attorney, assist you in ensuring legal documents are executed properly.  Title companies are there to disclose all risks involved and explain terms to both sides.  Choosing the right reputable title company is extremely important.

Plymouth Title Guaranty

 Plymouth Title Guaranty specializes in commercial and residential title insurance.  The team of title professionals at Plymouth Title Guaranty works harder than anyone in the industry to ensure the title needs are met.  Plymouth Title Guaranty’s job is to make sure that their clients look good to their title clients and help make the process smooth.

Ron Granado represents Plymouth Title Guaranty as their Sales Manager.  Ron Granado’s duties at Plymouth Title Guaranty includes networking with real estate industry professionals and sharing his many years of industry expertise and staying on top of current real estate market laws, rules, and regulations in order to service the needs of his clients.  Ron Granado is extremely respected and known by industry professionals for his phenomenal knowledge and services. Most mortgage companies in the Chicagoland area choose Ron Granado as their title officer of choice due to his five star customer service.  No phone calls and messages go unreturned by Mr. Ronald Granado.  Whether you are an attorney, mortgage lender, realtor, or homeowner or home buyer, Ronald Granado should be in charge of handling your title work. Ron Granado is also a guest writer on The Gustan Cho Team at The Money Store™ website and writes on real estate and mortgage industry articles and the latest changes in mortgage rules and regulations.

Account Executive | Plymouth Title Guaranty Corp

1301 W. 22nd Street | Ste 505 | Oak Brook, IL 60523

630-300-3900 | ron@plymouthtitleinsurance.com


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