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Welcome to our mortgage blog at The Gustan Cho Team At Gustan Cho Associates. Gustan Cho and his team of licensed mortgage professionals are full service mortgage consultants specializing in residential and commercial mortgage loans and The Gustan Cho Team At Gustan Cho Associates are here to answer any questions you may have.

On the residential side, Gustan Cho and his national team of licensed loan originators and The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates are specialists of the following mortgage loan programs:

  • FHA Loans With No Lender Overlays
  • VA Loans With No Lender Overlays
  • FHA & VA Loans With Bad Credit
  • USDA Loans With No Lender Overlays
  • No Lender Overlays On Conventional Loans
  • Non-QM Loans
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Portfolio Loans
  • Condotel And Non-Warrantable Condominium Loans
  • Foreign Exchange Mortgage Loans
  • FHA 203k Rehab Loans: Both Streamlined FHA 203k Loans And Standard FHA 203k Loans

The Gustan Cho Team At Gustan Cho Associates

The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates is associated with a National FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, GINNIE MAE DIRECT mortgage lender licensed in 50 states and the ability to broker to wholesale lenders with a national reputation with not having any lender overlays on government loans and Conventional Loans. The Gustan Cho Team is a one stop mortgage shop where we are not just mortgage bankers but we also have the ability to broker residential mortgage loans.. Over 70% of our borrowers contact us because their either have gotten a last minute mortgage loan denial or are currently going through stress during mortgage process. Here are examples of stress during mortgage process:

  • Loan officer keeps on asking for conditions and loses the paperwork that the borrower already submitted
  • Mortgage Underwriter keeps on asking for more conditions after conditions after a mortgage loan pre-approval
  • Mortgage Loan Officer does not return phone calls and/or emails
  • Due to the lender, the borrower is asking for extensions of the closing date because they are not cleared to close

There is no reason why a borrower needs to get a last minute mortgage loan denial or go through stress during the mortgage process. The only and number one reason why the borrower goes through stress during the mortgage process or gets a last minute mortgage loan denial is because of one reason and one reason only: They were not qualified properly by their loan officer and mortgage lender. At The Gustan Cho Team, you will close your home loan in 21 days from the date you sign your mortgage disclosures. Not only do all of our pre-approved borrower close their home loans, but they either close them on time or before their scheduled closing date.

Our Mortgage Process At The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates

Our mortgage professionals can give you FREE loan advice to help you understand the mortgage process. We are bad credit mortgage loan specialists and have various loan programs that suits your needs.  Some of our bad credit mortgage loan programs include mortgage loan programs that helps secure a mortgage to borrowers with high loan to value ratios, borrowers with low credit scores, borrowers with prior bankruptcies, borrowers with prior foreclosures, borrowers with prior deed in lieu of foreclosure, borrowers with prior short sales, borrowers with open collections and charge offs.  We are mortgage lenders that specialize helping borrowers get home loans with bad credit and borrowers with credit scores under 600 FICO credit scores with no lender overlays.

Gustan Cho Associates: Home Loan With Bad Credit Specialists

Some of our bad credit mortgage loan borrowers got mortgage approvals with credit scores as low as 530 FICO.  Most mortgage brokers cannot help bad credit mortgage loan borrowers who have open collections and judgments.  Gustan Cho can help Illinois, California, Indiana, and Florida bad credit mortgage loan borrowers with unsatisfied judgments, unpaid tax liens, and open collection accounts.  We have associates throughout the United States so if you have any questions or want to go over a case scenario, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 262-716-8151.

You can apply online for a fast pre-approval by clicking APPLY NOW.Mortgage Loan Programs Suited To Every Home Buyer’s Needs

Wondering which  bad credit mortgage loan program is right for you? Not a problem! We can help determine which loan will fit your needs for your home purchase, refinance or debt consolidation needs.

If you have any questions please contact Gustan Cho at 262-878-1965 or text Gustan Cho on his cell for faster response at 262-716-8151or you may apply online All you need to do is click on the APPLY NOW icon on the top left of this website and submit you online mortgage application.  Once I receive it, I will submit it to our automated underwriting system and get you an approval or what we need to do to get a mortgage approval.  I am available 7 days a week.

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