Boost Credit Score With Instant Credit

How To Boost Credit Score With Instant Credit To Qualify For A Mortgage:

  • There are ways to boost credit score with instant credit
  • Borrowers who do not qualify for a mortgage or do not meet a certain mortgage loan program due to being a few points shy of meeting the minimum credit score requirements can easily raise their credit scores by taking our advice
  • Add positive credit not only strengthens your credit profile, but increases your credit scores

The team at GCA Mortgage Group have helped thousands of our viewers and borrowers rebuild and reestablish their credit

Credit Cards To Boost Credit ScoreBoost Credit Score

One of the main reasons why consumer credit scores are low is due to not having any revolving credit tradelines.

  • Secured Credit Cards are the easiest and fastest way of boosting credit scores
  • Consumers with no credit scores or low credit scores can easily boost credit scores with secured credit cards
  • Adding three  to five secured credit cards with at least $500 credit limits can exponentially boost scores
  • Each secured credit card can raise 20 to 30 or more points
  • Adding three to five revolving accounts (credit cards) after bad credit, bankruptcy, foreclosure is the easiest and fastest way in rebuilding and reestablishing your credit
  • After your secured credit cards season for at least six months with timely payments, you will be eligible to get approved for unsecured credit cards
  • After your secured credit cards season for at least six months with timely payments and lower balances, many credit card companies will give you a credit increase
  • Capital One and Discover are really good in rewarding their on-time payment card users with credit limit increases

The team at Gustan Cho Associates have helped many borrowers to achieve a 700 FICO in less than one year after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge by them getting three to five secured credit cards and one installment loan. We will show you how in this credit guide.

improve credit score

How To Maximize Credit Scores To Qualify For Mortgage

Borrowers with under 600 credit scores can easily boost their scores by adding positive credit.

Credit cards are the most powerful tool in rebuilding and increasing credit scores.

  • Three to five credit cards is the number of credit cards every consumer should have to develop a strong credit profile
  • You should also have at least one installment loan
  • Diversity in having various types of credit tradelines will strengthen your credit profile
  • The longer you have your credit tradeline seasoned, the stronger the impact it makes to your credit profile
  • Borrowers with lower scores due to high credit card balances need to pay down the balances to get maximum optimization of their scores
  • Remember that low credit scores mean higher mortgage interest rates
  • For maximum FICO scores, have credit card balances as low as possible but never a zero balance
  • For Example, a $1,000 limit card with a $900 balance will hurt scores
  • However, by paying down the card balance to lower than 10% or $100, scores will increase substantially.

Available credit in a revolving account is what will maximize and boost credit scores.

Boost Score With Instant Credit With

The credit card that we are highly recommending is an unsecured card with a 95% approval rate. Almost all applicants, whether you have poor credit, recent bankruptcy, or low scores will get approved. The  is a powerful credit rebuilding tool to boost your FICO in 30 days of less.

  • This card is ideal for mortgage borrowers who have low scores either because they have no revolving tradelines and/or have cards with high balances
  • Due to their lower scores, they cannot qualify for a mortgage loan
  • Getting this card is another alternative to getting secured cards
  • The unsecured credit card can be quicker than getting secured cards to boost credit score
  • Borrowers can boost credit scores  in 30 days or less with instant credit by visiting

You can contact by visiting their website or contacting them. We will discuss the particular details about this powerful revolving card. will issue a $5,000 unsecured revolving line of credit that report on all three credit bureaus: EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION, EQUIFAX. We will show you how to maximize and how to boost credit score without the waiting period it takes for secured cards. We will explain to you in getting started such as the cost of enrolling in the program, how it needs to be used, and when to apply as well as when it will report to all three major credit bureaus.

How Does This Card Work?How Does This Card Work?

This unsecured card was developed and launched by mortgage professionals to help borrowers who need to boost their scores as soon as possible in order to qualify for a mortgage.

  • Over 95% of applicants get approved
  • Applicants can have bad credit, outstanding collections, prior late payments, outstanding charged-off accounts, repossessions, recent bankruptcy, recent foreclosures
  • Getting the combination of as well as three secured cards will lead you to a fast-track road to rebuild and reestablish overall credit profile and high credit scores

This $5,000 unsecured revolving credit card is like adding fuel to the fire to get to the finish line to the road of great credit in a much faster time frame.

Recommended Tradelines

Most creditors want to see seasoned credit tradelines. Seasoned credit tradelines reflect consumer’s past payment history.  Most lenders will have a minimum amount of 3 credit tradelines that have been seasoned for at least 12 months.

  • While lenders normally require credit tradelines seasoned for the past 12 months, other lenders require three tradelines that have been seasoned for at least 24 months
  • Tradelines are accounts such as revolving card accounts, auto loans, or any other creditor reporting any installment and/or revolving credit and its payment history of the debtor on the bureaus
  • The ideal amount of cards consumers should have is between three to five active revolving credit card accounts
  • To maximize and boost the score and for a strong financial profile, consumers should have a mixture of revolving accounts and installment accounts
  • Having one or two installment accounts such as an auto loan, mortgage loan, and/or student loans will be a plus along with revolving accounts
  • Do not get a car loan until you have closed on your home
  • The average car payment is $400 per month which is equivalent to an $80,000 mortgage
  • Consumers should never ever close out any revolving accounts that are not used even though the revolving account company may charge an annual fee
  • Part of the scoring model of FICO is derived by having aged active tradelines and having available credit is also a major part of having higher scores
  • The $35 annual maintenance fee to keep consumer’s revolving account active is worth every penny
  • Good credit and higher credit scores mean savings, not just when applying for a mortgage
  • Good credit is also important when shopping for insurance because insurance premiums are based on credit scores
  • Interest rates on auto loans when consumers trade in their vehicle or just apply for any type of credit
  • Higher scores mean less risk for a creditor and/or lender which translates into less risk from a lender’s point of view
  • Which means lower rates and lower rates means big savings for the consumer

We highly recommend you read our REBUILDING YOUR CREDIT  (Click Here)

Benefits Of

The unsecured revolving account offers great benefits and almost everyone will get approved:

  • More than 95% of the applicants who apply for the gets an approval
  • The application process is streamlined and extremely simple and easy
  • The approval is not based on the consumer’s scores


  • Even with 30 outstanding derogatory collection items on your credit report, consumers can still get approved for the unsecured card with an unsecured limit of $5,000
  • This holds true as long as they do not have the list of items that are listed on the “REASONS FOR NON APPROVAL” LIST

 $5,000 available for everyone who is approved:

  •  $99 Membership Fee includes joint account
  • No Monthly Fees, EVER!
  • Reports to all three major bureaus on the 5th of every month
  • Sign up between the 1st and the 25th of any month and this tradelines will report on the 1st of the following month
  • 19.9% Interest Rate

Boost Credit Score By Getting Started And Approved For The $5,000 Unsecured CardWhat are Benefits Of


  • Get started with the approval process for the unsecured card with a $5,000 credit limit and get this on your credit report in 30 days or less
  • Applicants will have to place a one-time minimum order of $100 with half down
  • Customers can order more than $100 with their 1st order
  • But their 1st order MUST be for a minimum of $100
  • Every new customer pays 50% down with every order they place on the merchandise they choose to purchase during their first year of having this card
  • After the 1st year of being a card member, there is NO required down payment on any purchase the cardholder places as long as they had timely payment history with no late payments since becoming a member cardholder of the unsecured card

There is a hard pull from Transunion only unless there is not enough information available, and then another credit report will be pulled from one other bureau.


Reasons For Non-Approval

*Substantial Federal and/or State Tax Liens

*Active Bankruptcy. Applicants can only get approved after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged date or one year into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy repayment plan with a timely payment history.

*Child Support/Alimony: Applicants who are delinquent on your child support payments and/or alimony payments, they will not get approved for the $5,000 unsecured card. 

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