Boost Credit Score With Instant Credit To Qualify For Mortgage

How To Boost Credit Score With Instant Credit

Boost Credit Score With Instant Credit 

There are ways to boost credit score with instant credit so if you do not qualify for a mortgage or do not meet a certain mortgage loan program due to being shy a few FICO points, you can now qualify by taking our advice.

Credit Cards To Boost Credit Score

Revolving lines of credits such as credit cards are the most powerful tools to instantly boost credit score.  Consumers with no credit often have low scores. By adding revolving accounts cards with high limits will often sky rocket a person’s FICO. In order for you to maximize borrower’s FICO is to have a low balance to utilization ratio. For example,  a $1,000 limit card and have a $900 balance on that card, it will hurt scores. However, by paying down card balance to $100 or even lower than that, scores will skyrocket. Available credit is what will maximize and boost credit score.

Boost Score With Instant Credit With

The credit card that we are highly recommending is an unsecured card that almost all applicants, whether you have poor credit or low scores will get approved and is a powerful tool to boost your FICO in 30 days of less. This card is ideal for mortgage borrowers who have low scores either because they have no revolving tradelines and/or have cards that have high balances on them and due to their lower scores, they cannot qualify for a mortgage loan. Getting this card is another alternative to getting secured cards and can be quicker than getting secured cards to boost credit score. Borrowers can boost credit score with instant credit by visiting  I’ll will be attaching the particular details about this powerful revolving card for you to use to maximize and how to boost credit score without the waiting period it takes for secured cards such as the cost of enrolling in the program, how it needs to be used, and when to apply as well as when it will report to all three major credit bureaus.

How Does This Card Work?

This unsecured card was developed and launched by mortgage professionals to help borrowers who needs to boost their scores as soon as possible in order to qualify for a mortgage. The combination of deleting the derogatory credit items off one’s credit report as well recommending secured cards to re-establish a consumer’s overall credit, this card is like adding fuel to the fire to get to the finish line of good credit in a much faster time frame.  

Recommended Tradelines

Most mortgage lenders will have a minimum amount of 3 credit tradelines that has been seasoned for at least 12 months. Some mortgage lenders may require three tradelines that has been seasoned for at least 24 months. Tradelines are accounts such as revolving card accounts, auto loans, or any other creditor reporting any installment and/or revolving credit and its payment history of the debtor on the bureaus.

  • The ideal amount of cards consumers should have is between five and nine active revolving credit card accounts.
  • To maximize and boost score and for a strong financial profile, consumers should have a mixture of revolving accounts and installment accounts.
  • Having one or two installment accounts such as an auto loan, mortgage loan, and/or student loans will be a plus along with revolving accounts.
  • You should never ever close out any revolving accounts that are not used even though the revolving account company may charge an annual fee.
  • Part of the scoring model of FICO is derived by having aged active tradelines and having available credit is also a major part of having higher scores.
  • The $35 annual maintenance fee to keep consumer’s revolving account active is worth every penny.
  • Good credit and higher credit scores means savings, not just when you apply for a mortgage, but also when shopping for insurance or when consumers trade in their vehicle or just apply for any type of credit.
  • Higher scores means less risk for a creditor and/or lender which translates into less risk from a lender’s point of view, which means lower rates and lower rates means big savings for the consumer.

Benefits Of

  •   The unsecured revolving account offers great benefits and almost everyone will get approved. More than 95% of the applicants who apply for the gets an approval. The application process is streamlined and extremely simple and easy. The approval is not based on the consumer’s scores.
  • EXAMPLE:  Even with 30 outstanding derogatory collection items on your credit report, consumers can still get approved for the unsecured card with an unsecured limit of $5,000 as long as they do not have the list of items that is listed on the “REASONS FOR NON APPROVAL” LIST, 
  •  $5,000 of available for everyone who is approved.
  •   $99 Membership Fee includes joint account.
  • No Monthly Fees, EVER!
  •  Reports to all three major bureaus on the 5th of every month.
  •  Sign up between the 1st and the 25th of any month and this tradelines will report on the 1st of the following month.
  • 19.9% Interest Rate

Getting Started And Approved For The $5,000 Unsecured Card


  •  To get started with the approval process for the unsecured card with a $5,000 credit limit, applicants will have to place a one time minimum order of $100 with half down.
  • Customers can order more than $100 with their 1st order but their 1st order MUST be for a minimum of $100.
  • Every new customer pays 50% down with every order they place on the merchandise they choose to purchase during their first year of having this card. 
  • After the 1st year of being a card member, there is NO required down payment on any purchase the card holder places as long as they had timely payment history with no late payments since becoming a member cardholder of the unsecured card.

There is a hard pull from Transunion only, unless there is not enough information available, and then another credit report will be pulled from one other bureau.


Reasons For Non-Approval

*Substantial Federal and/or State Tax Liens

*Active Bankruptcy. Applicants can only get approved after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged date or one year into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy repayment plan with a timely payment history.

*Child Support/Alimony: Applicants who are delinquent on your child support payments and/or alimony payments, they will not get approved for the $5,000 unsecured card.