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Blake Moilan: Texas

Promised and delivered!

We contacted Gus after having an issue with our first lender. We were scheduled to close on December 30. On December 29, I got a call from our first lender that they would not be able to finance our loan because of a drop in our credit scores. This drop was partly because of two disputes that were on our credit report and discovered very late in the process. I began researching disputes and found an article written by Gus about how disputes should be taken off before pre-approval. I contacted Gus to share our story with him. Within minutes, he emailed me back and wanted to talk. He promised me that we could get the loan done and close very quickly. He told me exactly what needed to be done and raised our scores back immediately. I was very skeptical, especially after our first experience! Gus promised it would get done and he delivered. We closed on our house on January 19! Don’t give up, contact Gus and see if he can help your situation. Thank you Gus for believing in us and getting our loan done!!!

Juanita Hawkins: Troy Michigan

Gustan Cho – My mortgage lender lender is undeniably NUMBER ONE!! He is highly capable, professional, transparent and knowledgeable when it comes to the mortgage and financial arena.  He knows the mortgage business inside and out. Gus was always responsive, informative and friendly.  He is an advocate for consumers with a variation of credit issues. I put my trust in Gus and he definitely came through for me. He really went the extra mile!! Working with Gus and his staff has been the best loan experience I have ever had with a lender.  He is “second to none” and stand above the rest.  ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!

Tom Pillitu: Seattle Washington

Amazing Experience with Gustan Cho Associates

thomasep82 from 98133 | worked with Gustan Lee Cho 10/11/2016

I can’t thank Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates enough for his committed efforts during my loan process. He always puts the borrowers needs first and keeps details clear throughout, no runaround with this team. I highly recommend going through Gustan Cho Associates for any mortgage transactions, they will advise you based on your individual situation and get the best deal possible! Great experience! Thanks so much Gus!!

Tom Pillitu

LOAN STATUS In progress

LOAN TYPE Refinance


Victor Solis: Joliet Illinois

I just previously closed on a home with Gustan Cho as my loan officer. The house we closed on was perfect for my family and I. 4br 2 bath 1 car garage and for the price on this house it was almost too good to be true. Before I met with Gustan Cho I must of met with at least 5 different mortgage lenders which included mortgage brokers, bankers, loan officers from credit unions and Quicken Loans, and they all wouldn’t even give a try to see if I could get approve for this home there answer where simply that I did not qualify because my debt to income ratio was too high or the property taxes on the home I was buying taxes was  too high and the most popular reason by most of the loan officers was to get a lower priced home..  Then, the sellers real estate agent who had the property listed knew how much my wife and wanted to purchase this home and introduced me to Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates. She told me that Gustan Cho was also the Editor in Chief of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center and gave me the website of Gustan Cho Associates. I spent all weekends reading Gustan Cho’s blogs on his website and I have learned so much. I decided to email Gustan Cho and did so on a Sunday afternoon and was expecting a call back or email response back the next day which would be a Monday. However, I got a response email back within fifteen minutes and asked me if I was available. I responded back yes and he called me within minutes.  When I spoke to Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates,  the word no or impossible doesn’t even existed in his vocabulary. From the very beginning all I heard from Gustan Cho is we were going to get this deal done. Gustan Cho knew exactly what to do. He was extremely Knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do and how to work the loop holes to get this deal done. I knew from the very beginning this wouldn’t be no easy loan. as already mention our debit to income ratio was too high for this home. the taxes where high which didn’t help the cause, and mortgage rate where rising. Gustan Cho knew our debt to income ratios were very high. Gustan Cho told me that he needed to get our debt to income ratios no greater than 56.9% but ours were 60%. Gustan Cho is amazing because he came up with a plan to get our DTI down to 55% by referring us to an insurance agent he knows, Rashad Carmichael who owns Insurance Plaza and is currently a loan officer with The Gustan Cho Team. Our insurance premium was lowered from $1,400 per year to $700 because Rashad Carmichael told us that by insuring all of our vehicles with him and our health policies, he can get us a substantial discount on our homeowners insurance. Gustan Cho then contacted both my realtor and the listing agent and had a conference call with them where he told them that in order to make this deal to work, that the sellers needed to give me a 6% sellers concession because he was going to use all of it to buy down my rate so my monthly principal and interest payment will get reduced to meet the minimum debt to income ratio requirements of 56.9%. He got approval from his mortgage company to buy down the rate substantially with the 6% sellers concessions and bought 6% in discount points where my rates were reduced by almost 1.0%. He was extremely creative. Gustan Cho is an ANGEL and cannot believe he took the time personally with me and my wife to make my dream come true. Gustan Cho is an Area Manager and had a lot of loan officer who report to him and work for him but he took the time personally to work this deal out himself. Gustan Cho’s direct assistant was Bob Vogel, his nickname was Magic Bob, and he was extremely helpful and is Gustan Cho right hand man. Most lenders at this time didn’t even offer any solutions and did not even care and just shrugged us off but Gus was able to do it..  We finally got a clear to close and everyone at the closing table was surprise and wanted to meet Gustan Cho.  As a matter of fact , at the closing almost everyone in the room was surprise Gustan was able to get this low of a mortgage rate at a fix rate and how creative he was in getting my loan closed.. One of the comments even made in the room was they haven’t close on a rate this low in over a year and have never ever met a mortgage professional who was tenacious as Gustan Cho.  My wife and I are in great debt to Gustan Cho of The Gustan Cho Team.. He got us our first dream home and at a price and rate we could afford. If you tried everywhere else and no one can help you than you need to speak with Gus. Gus just literally got a CTC yesterday for a friend of mine in a similar situation. Also Gus work with an amazing loan processor Patricia Celli Marino whom makes the transactions as smooth as possible. With their help I’m sure there’s no loan they can’t close on. Till this day Gus and I still speak and always check in on me to make sure everything is going well with the new home and still answers any questions I have till this day, Gustan Cho told me he is now with NEXA Mortgage, LLC dba Gustan Cho Associates which is a national mortgage company with a great reputation and licensed in all states in the U.S. Gustan Cho Associates will be the number one mortgage team in the country. Gustan Cho Associates has great taste by recruiting the best group of mortgage professionals. I will tell all of my friends, family, and co-workers of The team at Gustan Cho Associates.

Bernie Bristow: Jacksonville Florida

Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates is nothing less than a magician! I had contacted several lenders that I had a personal relationship with for assistance in trying to obtain a home loan. I had a couple of items that were bringing my credit score down and wanted to know the most efficient way to handle them. The other lenders flat out told me that I needed to pay off all bad debt and wait for several months until my credit score improved. While on the phone trying to negotiate with a collection company I began searching the web for other options. Everywhere I looked I saw story after story about Gustan Cho and his team at Gustan Cho Associates. I contacted Gustan Cho that moment and he told me exactly what to do to get the loan and what NOT to do. I am so thankful I made that phone call. I am now preapproved and have a contract on the home of our dreams. He and his team have answered every call and responded immediately to any questions I had via email. I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years and have never received the customer service like I have with his team. I am very excited about the opportunity that I can now share with my customers when they need a home loan. I believe almost everyone was affected by the financial disaster we had in 2008 and it is a blessing that people like Gus is there to help with his knowledge. It is very easy to be a mortgage lender who only works with customers with good credit and no problems but it takes a truly committed mortgage broker to work tirelessly for the ones that are more challenging. Thank you Gus and hope to send many referrals your way!

Bernie Bristow

Gary & Sheila Carter: Baton Rouge Louisiana

WOW, these guys are amazing. The first time I called I literally got an answer from GUSTAN himself. That is a miracle, since I have been through countless phone calls with many lenders, waiting hours on the phone and being passed around from one person to another, JUST to find out they refused to help me. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage are truly an answer to prayer for me. I didn’t know anything like them existed anymore. You guys are extremely caring, efficient and willing to go the Extra Mile for my husband and I. Thank you is not enough. Sincerely “Relieved in Louisiana”

Gary & Sheila Carter

John Schroeder: Hoffman Estates Illinois

After 8 months of being under contract, receiving multiple extensions from the seller and going through multiple mortgage lenders I’m finally going to closing. The team at Gustan Cho Associates are PHENOMENAL! Long gone are the days of not knowing the status of my loan, delaying my closing date and being disappointed! I wish I had located Gustan Cho and his team at Gustan Cho Associates Financial months ago. I look forward to seeing others achieve the dream of home ownership!

John & Mary Ann Schroeder

Rachel Gaiter: Jacksonville Florida

After 8 months of being under contract, receiving extensions from the seller and going through multiple lenders I’m finally going to closing. Gus and his team at Gustan Cho Associates are PHENOMENAL! Long gone are the days of not knowing the status of my loan, delaying my closing date and being disappointed! I wish I had located Gustan Cho and the team at Gustan Cho Associates months ago. I look forward to seeing others achieve the dream of home ownership!

Rachel Gaiter

Daniel & Evelyn Diaz: Chicago Illinois

Gustan Cho, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my family. Because of you and and your company I am able to buy my dream home for me and my family. I didn’t think it could be possible but you made it a reality for us. My credit wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst but you took your time and found the perfect loan for me and my family. As a 24-year Chicago Police police officer I am careful when it comes to referring people because it’s my word and I value that. But if anybody were to ever ask me about a mortgage broker I will refer Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates without thinking twice about it. You have become more than just our broker, you have become a trusted friend and I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve done. You’re the best my friend.

Danny and Evelyn Diaz

Susan L: Northbrook Illinois

After 8 months of being under contract, receiving extensions from the seller and going through multiple lenders I’m finally going to closing. Gustan Cho at Gustan Cho Associates and his team are PHENOMENAL! Long gone are the days of not knowing the status of my loan, delaying my closing date and being disappointed! I wish I had located Gustan Cho and his team months ago. I look forward to seeing others achieve the dream of home ownership!

Susan Lee

Stephanie K: Pompano Beach Florida

Where do I begin???? Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates is an AMAZING professional and human being!!! He has been able to do what other “professionals” are too lazy or unknowledgeable to do. At first like many others I was skeptical of the 80+ reviews I read. But I did my due diligence and took a chance and sent him a message. Low and behold just like everyone said he contacted me immediately.  We spoke for over an hour! At my most desperate hour he was a pilar of strength! When I first spoke to him I was literally in tears and he had me laughing before we hung up the phone! He is extremely knowledgeable and hard working. We had a very unique financial situation and couldn’t get the proper help. But Gus was confident, quick and reliable. He always called, text or emailed us promptly. He had an outstanding team of professionals that are available nearly 24/7!  And I swear he doesn’t sleep! Do yourself a favor and go to google and read all his amazing reviews! I did and now I too can confirm they are all spot on! Of course NOBODY can have 100% perfect reviews because you can never please everyone all the time. There is always someone who will never be happy even if you bend over backwards. But Gus’ motto is “where there is a will there is a way”! And if there is any glimmer of hope within reason this man will help you! I will always be eternally grateful for his help and support! I told him he is a “miracle worker”!  He is an “angel from heaven”! God Bless Gus!

Stephanie Keough

Amy Stines: Las Vegas Nevada

We have really enjoyed working with Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates. He has been nothing less than amazing throughout this whole process. We highly recommend Gustan Cho and his team of loan officers at Gustan Cho Associates. They are available anytime day or night and truly care about their clients success.

Amy Stines: Las Vegas Nevada

Bobby P: Jacksonville Florida

I only write a review if it warrants it…and simply put, Gustan Cho deserves kudos. My wife and I had good income, but very average credit with things on our report that would make securing a home loan a challenge. I spoke with Gustan Cho the Area Manager of Gustan Cho Associates when I found out he sourced loans in Florida. At first, I thought it was to good to be true for not only promising us he could get us a loan…but also the rate. NO points. NO BS. Fast forward a little bit – all of our paper work was in. Our DTI ratio was fine, but the mortgage company that Gus had to broker our loan out to (We didn’t have the credit to go through Neighborhood) was starting to give us problems. Not with our paperwork…but always wanting more (proof, documentation etc.) to the point to where we were getting affected emotionally. Gus and The team at Gustan Cho Associates stepped in…assured us they were on it…and always came through. I’m in the medical business and a big part of what we do is “bedside manner”. You can go to a million places for a loan…but if you want someone with a cavalier mindset that truly believes he can get you a loan no matter what AND who treats you with respect and honor, then consider NO ONE else beside Gustan Cho. His two direct assistants, Senior Loan Processor Patricia Celli Marino and Loan Processor Trisha Mangiaracina, are just as solid and forthcoming. Gustan Cho  came through when no one else did for us. Banks, Credit Unions, Online Lenders – as long as you put in the work and make sure your loan package is properly done, Gustan Cho of the Gustan Cho Associates, and the support staff at Gustan Cho Associates will get you into the home you want. It’s been 2 months since we closed and I still can’t believe how he DELIVERED!

Bobby Panfili

David M: Austin Texas

I had been to at least 6 finance companies and was turned down by all of them. I gave up on buying a new house. Then a friend told me to contact Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates. They told me if anyone could get the deal done, he could. I was skeptical, but I called him anyway. This man is amazing! I gave him all my information and he went to work. A short time later he called me, and needless to say I expected to hear the same old thing, no deal. When he told me we had a deal put together and I could get the new house, I almost cried. Not only did he get the deal done, but every time I called him, he either answered the phone or got right back to me a short time later. I have so much respect for this man because of the way he treats his clients, his knowledge of the industry, and his relentless pursuit, I now consider him among my dearest friends! If you need help, contact Gustan Cho.

David Miller