Ronda Butts

Ronda Butts
NEXA Mortgage LLC
Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS #1444654
Ronda Butts

About Me

I currently work for Gustan Cho Associates, which is empowered by NEXA Mortgage. Gustan Cho personally recruited me into the lending industry many years ago when I was a Realtor. He told me he talked to Realtors all day, but wanted me to come work for him because I was a ” Dinosaur”. I asked him what that meant. He told me I did things for my clients that others would not do……? Needless to say, Gus is still helping multitudes of people today and I am trying to follow his example and do the same! We offer borrowers hope that has been turned down previously trying to finance home mortgages.

We are part of the largest mortgage brokerage in the US and we are the number one team in that brokerage!! We not only have investors that will finance some of the most difficult loans, but we offer wholesale rates to borrowers with high and low scores. We also have closing cost assistance as needed for borrowers in lieu of a higher interest rate. 4 out of 5 home loans closing today are from retail lending and most borrowers do not know that they could get better rates by going wholesale.

Also working with a wholesale lender gives borrowers the different vital options needed to survive today’s problems with trying to compete in buying a home in today’s market. We have solutions for many borrowers. I have always tried to guide my borrowers to put them in the best position financially which means customizing their loan that best fits their life situation. I am always accessible to my borrowers and try to break down details in a way they can understand and make a well-informed decision. This has always been important to me and very rewarding knowing I am helping someone get the best loan programs and rates available to them. Please reach out to me at ? or ?407-460-7999 so I can share some of the solutions I have for getting you into a home and you being able to present a winning completive offer from the lending side.

I formerly worked at USA Mortgage and Market Place Mortgage as a Banker and Mortgage Broker Loan Originator, I have also worked as a Regional Sales Manager for a local Builder Managing Agents Sales, and Financing. Past experience is extensive years in New Home Sales working with Builders and Buyers throughout Texas and Florida onsite.

I have been Awarded sales of the year and have been a top producer. I have extensively Negotiated Builders Incentives and arranged commercial and residential financing for many years. Earlier former experience includes selling Commercial Real Estate in Orlando through Real Estate Attorney Jimenez and Associates specializing in Building /Land Acquisition.
I have worked in detail with different Loan products available for each individual transaction for 20 + years.

Because of my extensive Real Estate background and the complex nature of our borrower’s mortgage profile, I provide them
free of charge with several top Realtors to select from to help them get an accepted offer if needed. These Realtors understand how to write
and present an offer that has a difficult loan. Looking forward to helping you soon!

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