Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team At Gustan Cho Associates

Meet Our Team At Loan Cabin | Gustan Cho AssociatesLoan Cabin Inc. dba Gustan Cho Associates is a five-star mortgage company licensed in multiple states headquartered in Lombard, Illinois.

  • Loan Cabin Inc. dba Gustan Cho Associates is a mortgage company licensed in multiple states with a national reputation for having no overlays on government and conventional loans
  • Founded in 2017
  • Gustan Cho Associates has a national reputation of being able to close loans where other lenders cannot due to its no lender overlays on government and conventional loans and having dozens of lending partnerships with wholesale non-QM lenders
  • Over 75% of our borrowers at Gustan Cho Associates are folks who either get a last-minute mortgage loan denial or are stressing over the mortgage process with their current lender

The team at Gustan Cho Associates strives not only just to close our loans but close on time.

Loan Cabin Inc., the parent of Gustan Cho Associates has two major divisions:

  • Corporate Division in Lombard, Illinois
  • Nationwide National Consumer Direct Division, Gustan Cho Associates

Products And Services

What is are Products And ServicesGustan Cho Associates always wants to be one step ahead of its competition by offering not just government and conventional loans with no lender overlays but alternative financing loan programs:

  • Loan Cabin Inc., dba Gustan Cho Associates is licensed in multiple states

Gustan Cho Associates are mortgage bankers and correspondent lenders/brokers on the following loan programs:

  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Conventional Mortgages
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Non-QM Mortgages
  • Bank Statement Loans for self-employed borrowers
  • Warrantable and NON-Warrantable Condos
  • Small Balance Commercial Mortgages
  • Commercial Lending and Capital Markets

Welcome to  Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group. Meet our team of licensed loan officers, support staff, operations team, and guest writers/consultants.

Meet Our Team at Gustan Cho Associates

Massimo Ressa NMLS 227855

Who is Massimo RessaMassimo Ressa is the Chief Executive Officer of Loan Cabin Inc., the parent company of Gustan Cho Associates.

  • Massimo Ressa and his national team of support and licensed personnel has a national reputation of being a direct lender with no overlays on government and conventional loans
  • Massimo Ressa is a pioneer in the mortgage lending industry with his philosophy of being a national firm with a one-stop-shop business model
  • CEO Ressa’s vision of being a one-stop lending shop for homebuyers in Illinois has expanded to become a national five-star mortgage banking institution
  • With branches and top experienced sales and operational support personnel in every major city in multiple states, the company’s ultimate goal and mission is to be licensed in most of the 50 states

With this mission in mind, Massimo Ressa has finalized the merger of Loan Cabin Inc. with Gustan Cho Associates.

Gustan Cho Associates, the national consumer direct division of Loan Cabin Inc.has consolidated its various locations to a central command center in its corporate headquarters location in Lombard, Illinois.

Gustan Cho NMLS 873293

Who is Gustan ChoGustan Cho NMLS 873293 is the National Managing Director of Loan Cabin Inc.| Gustan Cho Associates

  • We are a nationwide full-service mortgage firm headquartered in Lombard, Illinois
  • GCA Mortgage Group has a national reputation for its no overlays on Government and Conventional Loan Programs and being a one-stop lending shop

Besides being Direct Lenders, we have access and correspondent/investor relationships including the following:

  • commercial outlets
  • no doc fix and flip rehab investors
  • bridge financing
  • Non-QM loans
  • alternative financing
  • Management, licensed, and support personnel is proud to say with 100% confidence Loan Cabin | Gustan Cho Associates in being able to get loans closed where other lenders cannot

Gustan Cho Associates is implementing more loan programs such as Non-QM loans, alternative financing, and investment property loans.

Biography & Work History

Career As A Stockbroker And Investment Banking

Gustan Cho has extensive experience in all areas of real estate.

  • After graduating from college, Gustan became a stockbroker

Armed with a Series 7, Series 24, and Series 63, in the mid-1980s and quickly rose up the ranks as Senior Vice President of a national investment banking firm and was in charge of 3 states:

  1. Illinois
  2. Arizona
  3. California

As a stockbroker, Gustan was extremely successful both in retail brokerage and investment banking, and the main reason he left the securities industry was due to not having control over his investments.

  • He went into the real estate business because he was always led to believe that real estate was the safest investment out there
  • Whenever he had profited from rental income, it went down to pay down mortgage payments of his properties
  • Instead of investing in other investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, he invested any surplus from the monthly rental income to pay down his mortgage balance
  • His goal was to have all of his 7 apartment complexes free and clear within a 10-year time frame
  • Whenever he needed funds, he would go to any of his banks that had open lines of credit and draw against them and pay it off within 6 months
  • Gustan then got promoted to become a principal investment banker and was part of many initial public offerings

After 10 years in investment banking, he changed fields and went into investing in real estate.

Career As A Real Estate Investor

Gustan Cho purchased REO single-family homes, fixed and flipped them starting in the early 1990s. Then in 1998,  Gustan decided to invest in multi-family unit properties and decided to vacant buy fixer-upper apartment buildings, rehab them, and instead of flipping them, decided to refinance them after the rehab of the apartments were done.

Here is how the system worked:

Purchase Class C apartment buildings where rents were very low and apartment units needed work and rehabbed them to Class A or B apartment buildings.

  • After rehabbing each apartment, and getting the apartment buildings fully occupied with qualified tenants, he refinanced the apartment building with a cash-out refinance and better mortgage rates due to being a Class A or B building
  • The cash-out refinance was to recoup his rehab and operating costs and keep them as long term cash flowing rentals
  • Gustan Cho’s first apartment building investment was an 8 unit apartment building that was located in Chicago.  
  • He purchased the 8 unit apartment building for $160,000 and invested $40,000.
  • He then got the property appraised for $400,000 and got a cash-out to refinance for $320,000, which was 80% loan to value
  • The building was fully occupied with Section 8 Housing and cash flowing.
  • With the leftover proceeds from the cash-out, Gustan Cho purchased two other multi-unit apartments and repeated the process.
  • Eventually, Gustan had over 80 apartment buildings which consisted of 1,500 residential apartment units

By 2003, Gustan owned and operated over 80 apartment buildings which totaled over 1,500 residential apartment units.

  • The smallest apartment building was a 6 unit building and the largest apartment building was a 50 unit building.
  • Then he realized that he wanted 1,500 headaches in one corner than 1,500 headaches all over the city of Chicago: By this analogy, Gus wanted to sell all of his 80 plus apartment buildings and purchase a large apartment complex.
  • This idea became a reality when a 424 apartment unit building became available.
  • Southgate Apartments located on the corner of 115th Street and Pulaski Road in Chicago ( Mount Greenwood neighborhood ).
  • Gustan sold a portion of his apartment building portfolio and purchased Southgate Apartments for $22 million.
  • Gus sold more apartments to get construction funding so he can rehab all of the 424 apartment units to convert the C Class Apartment Complex to an A-Class Apartment Complex.
  • It took just under a year to get all of the 424 units rehabbed with a cost of $8 million.
  • The investment worked out because the Apartment Complex appraised for $50 million.
  • He got a cash-out to refinance a mortgage and used the excess cash for the down payment and construction of other Apartment Complexes.
  • This process was repeated until he owned 7 large-sized apartment complexes in three different states which comprised of 3,000 apartment units.

The real estate and mortgage collapse hit in 2008 where it hurt Gustan and his business model was like many real estate investors, it hit him hard and this is when he started his career in mortgage lending.

Career In Mortgage Lending At Gustan Cho Associates

Gustan passed his NMLS exam in early 2012 and got his NMLS licenses in numerous states that year.

  • Closing thousands of his own personal mortgage loans gave Gustan a head start in the commercial and residential mortgage lending field
  • Gus saw many faults with the mortgage lending business and loan officers from his personal experience being a borrower and closing countless of mortgage loans as a real estate investor

Here what he realized and developed a new mortgage process where there is no reason why a pre-approved borrower cannot close on their home loan.

  • There is no reason why a pre-approved borrower cannot close on his or her mortgage loan
  • Over 75% of Gustan’s borrowers are folks who either gotten a last-minute loan denial or are going through a stressful mortgage process
  • The ONLY reason for a last-minute mortgage loan denial or stress during the mortgage process is because the borrower was not qualified correctly
  • All pre-approved borrowers close on their home loans.
  • Gustan Cho’s belief is that being a loan officer is not like any other sales job.
  • Borrowers entrust their loan officers with all of their personal and private information.
  • In return, a loan officer needs to be available for their borrower 24/7, 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Licensed and support personnel at Gustan Cho Associates are available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays and all borrowers have our cell and home phone numbers

Gustan Cho can be reached directly on his cell at 262-716-8151 or text him for a faster response. Or email at

Gina Pogol: Executive Director And Editor In Chief Of Gustan Cho Associates

Gina Pogol is the Executive Director and Editor in Chief at Gustan Cho Associates and its subsidiaries. Gina’s expertise in the past 20 years includes being a mortgage and finance writer and journalist.
You can find me on MSNMoney, Fox Business, Forbes, Motley Fool, Kiplinger, Money Geek, The Mortgage Reports, and other well-known sites. Gina Pogol is a licensed mortgage loan originator with over 20 years in the mortgage industry including being an expert writer and thousands of articles focused on helping consumers in qualifying for mortgages at competitive rates. Gina Pogol’s passion is helping consumers and her viewers understand the complexities in the mortgage and real estate industry easy to understand and relay updated informative information to her viewers. Gina Pogol plays a key role in the management of support, operations, and licensed personnel at Gustan Cho Associates

Martyna Szettel: Executive Marketing Manager

Martyna Szettel is the Executive Marketing Manager at Gustan Cho Associates. Martyna is also the Executive Media Production Director for Gustan Cho Associates Media Group. She handles all marketing and support requests from our licensed loan officers, loan officer assistants, realtor partners, and support staff. Martyna can be reached at

Kathleen Steffek Mortgage Underwriting Director

Kathy Steffek is the mortgage underwriting director at Gustan Cho Associates. Kathleen Steffek is also a senior DE Mortgage Underwriter for Gustan Cho Associates.  Kathy brings many years of underwriting experience to Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group. Kathleen underwrites government and conforming loans and is an expert in manual underwriting. Kathy underwrites FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional Loans.

Ami Thakkar Mortgage Processing Manager

Ami Thakkar is the senior mortgage processor and processing manager for Gustan Cho Associates.

  • Amii is a veteran mortgage professional with years of extensive experience in originating, opening, processing, and pre-processing government, conventional, and non-QM/alternative loan products
  • Ami Thakkar can handle a mortgage file from gathering docs to prep to clearing conditions, assisting with our closing department and funding

Ami Thakkar can be reached at Her direct line is 331-307-7628.

Dawn Sabathne Senior Mortgage Processor

Dawn Sabathne is a senior mortgage processor for Gustan Cho Associates. Dawn Sabathne can be reached at

Fiona McCue Mortgage Processing Assistant

Fiona McCue is the mortgage processing assistant for Gustan Cho Associates. Fiona is an expert with loan submissions and clearing conditions on conditional loan approvals. Fiona is also a loan officer assistant to top producers at Loan Cabin. Besides taking care of calls from clients, realtors, attorneys, and title agents, Fiona handles many operations duties such as verification of employment requests and other duties to make sure every loan has a smooth process from application to closing. Fiona McCue’s email address is

Torri Davila Processing And Loan Officer Assistant

Torri Davila is the processing and loan officer assistant for Gustan Cho Associates. Torri can be reached at

Piotr Bieda Chief Technology Officer

Piotr Bieda is the Chief Technology Officer at Gustan Cho Associates. Piotr Bieda is also the Chief Operating Officer of Gustan Cho Associates.  Mr. Bieda is also the Marketing Director at Gustan Cho Associates. Piotr can be reached at His number is 773-732-5773.

Michael Gracz NMLS 1160212 Associate Contributing Editor At Gustan Cho Associates

Who is Mike GraczMichael Gracz NMLS 1160212, is an associate contributing editor at Gustan Cho Associates.

Mike Gracz has been an associate contributing editor for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News since 2012.

Michael Gracz has personally helped hundreds of families obtain the home of their dreams.

  • Mike Gracz is highly skilled and low credit lending
  • There are very few situations Mike has not seen before
  • Clients in the past have called Michael the “loan doctor” during the mortgage process
  • Michael Gracz prides himself on being up to date on all mortgage guidelines and new products
  • Mike Gracz is also an EXPERT in NON-QM lending!
  • NON-QM loans open up homeownership opportunities to thousands of Americans who have a troubled financial past
  • Every client is equally as important to Mike as the last
  • Borrowers can expect a personal touch and attention to detail throughout the entire process
  • It is important for borrowers to understand the mortgage process can be stressful at times
  • Michael was not in the mortgage industry when he purchased his first home, so Mike knows both sides of the spectrum
  • That being said, Michael is here to serve our clients at Gustan Cho Associates in every way possible
  • Mike Gracz prides himself on being available 7 days a week!
  • Many of Michael’s clients have busy schedules or may work nights
  • He does his very best to be available anytime and all the time
  • Many of Michael’s clients will not qualify for a mortgage today, but Michael works with them and helps them qualify
  • Michael creates a financial plan to qualify as soon as possible
  • Mike has worked with many clients over 12 months before they are ready to buy a home
  • He holds himself and his staff to a high standard of business practices and will vouch for his loan officer’s customer service levels
  • Our reviews say it all and Michael encourages them to take a look at them
  • Whether homebuyers are buying their first home, first investment property, or 15th house, The Michael Gracz Team at Gustan Cho Associates is always here to help

Our goal is to help you with your mortgage needs and earn your business for life. Most of our first-time homebuyers come back to us for their next home! That is the ultimate compliment.

Michelle McCue NMLS 1921869 Senior Vice President Of Mortgage Banking

Michelle McCue of Gustan Cho Associates  is a senior mortgage advisor and is an expert in the following area:

  • FHA Home Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Conventional Loan Programs
  • Non-QM Loans
  • Bank Statement Loans for Self Employed Borrowers
  • 90% LTV Jumbo Mortgages

Michelle McCue of Gustan Cho Associates can help borrowers with less than perfect credit and higher debt to income ratios. Due to Gustan Cho Associates being a no overlay lender on government and conforming loans, Michelle McCue can structure any less than perfect credit borrowers files and help them qualify for a home loan in a matter of a short time. It is not if you can qualify for a mortgage with Michelle McCue but when. Michelle Ann McCue can be reached at 815-593-4122  or email at

Angela Torres Chief Processing & Closing Manager

Angie Torres is the corporate mortgage processing manager. Angela Torres is the top honcho and runs Loan Cabin | Gustan Cho Associates opening, processing, and closing departments:

  • Angie’s role is to make sure that her team of processors and loan officer assistants have every borrower’s file fully scrubbed
  • Angie Torres takes major pride in her work
  • Her mission is that all of her mortgage processors and junior processors have thoroughly processed every file
  • This is so borrowers not just close on their home loans but meet all of their closing dates and close their home loans on time
  • Angie makes sure that all conditions get properly provided for a two-touch underwriting process
  • Angie Torres has a national reputation of not having more than a two-touch clearing of conditions and gets clear to close issued by mortgage underwriters

Angela Torres works out of our Lombard, Illinois corporate offices at Loan Cabin Inc. and can be reached at

Christy Hembree NMLS 1040232 SVP of Operations/Mortgage Underwriting Manager

Christy Hembree is an upper-level management executive at Gustan Cho Associates and the Senior Vice President of  Operations.

Responsibilities and roles include but are not limited to Aid in the deployment of Encompass Loan Origination System.

Leads organizational efforts to enhance quality and efficiency by:

  • maximizing use of Encompass Loan Origination System
  • other mortgage and credit risk automated systems
  • monitoring and managing defect rates
  • Engagement in business development whether technical and/or theory related
  • manage vendors relationships and compliance

Christy Hembree is also a senior loan officer and always has a pipeline of clients.

Some of Christy Hembree’s duties include:

Work with Chief Executive Officer and high-level executives/investors to effectively evaluate, motivate, delegate, and monitor activities of operations and support staff:

  • manage process and procedure change
  • or best practice communication to staff and management
  • management and redistribute workflow when deemed necessary to maintain strong customer service levels to ensure timely delivery to clients and satisfaction 
  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly actual and projected production reports

Provide support for an escalated problem:

  • resolution
  • assess the fulfillment of staff performance
  • the role includes to identify and provide the training needed to increase efficiency
  • always looking in ways to improve quality and time efficiency
  • interface with internal operations and systems
  • support areas to identify the root cause of issues and find solutions with definitive deadline dates
  • provide training and track results to confirm solutions have resolved issues identified
  • manage direct reports
  • this is so as to effectively evaluate, motivate, delegate, and monitor their activities
  • effectively communicate with CEO progress in operations and procedures as to meet desired metrics
  • track the progress of improvements as they are implemented, monitor hiring, training, and performance management of all operations staff

Christy Hembree can be reached at

Alex Carlucci NMLS 229891

Who is Alex carlucciAlexander Thomas Carlucci NMLS 229891 is the number one and lead Senior Loan Officer with Gustan Cho Associates.

Alex Carlucci is an expert in originating and processing the following loan programs:

  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • NON-QM Loans
  • Bank Statement Loans For Self Employed Borrowers
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Investment Property Loans

Alex Carlucci is licensed in multiple states. Alex can be reached at (630) 915-7550. Borrowers can call or text Alex Carlucci for faster response. Alexander Thomas Carlucci can also be reached via email at

Maria Windham NMLS 458679

Who is Maria WindhamMaria Windham NMLS 458679 is a senior loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates.

  • Maria is a veteran licensed loan officer with over 14 years of experience in the mortgage industry
  • Ms. Windham has a five-star national reputation for helping borrowers with prior credit issues get qualified for a home loan
  • Maria Windham is a mentor to many newer loan officers and Gustan Cho Associates is blessed to have such a great loan professional in its team
  • It’s the people that make the company

Maria can be reached at or by phone at 813-352-7523.

Jammi Cash Vice President Of Mortgage Banking NMLS 1930614

Jammi Cash is a licensed loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates.

  • Jammi Cash is an expert on FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans
  • Jammi has a national reputation of being an expert on government and conventional loans and her practice of knowing the most up to date mortgage agency guidelines
  • Gustan Cho Associates is a five-star national lender with no lender overlays on government and conventional loans
  • Jammi is also an expert on non-QM and alternative home mortgage programs
  • Jammi is based in Alabama and is available 7 days a week for her borrowers

Jammi can be reached at Her phone number is 256-403-6103.

Dale Elenteny NMLS 904444

Who is Dale ElentenyDale Elenteny is a veteran licensed senior loan officer with Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group at Loan Cabin Inc.

  • Dale has over two decades of mortgage experience. Dale Elenteny has worked both in the wholesale and retail section of the mortgage industry
  • As a wholesale account executive, Dale has helped countless of loan officers who needed help with guidelines or on how to structure a deal
  • His passion for helping families realize the dream of homeownership become a reality was the reason he is now in retail
  • Over 75% of Dale’s borrowers are folks who could not qualify at other lenders
  • However, Dale helps these folks in preparing them to qualify for the best mortgage program and help buyers qualify for a mortgage
  • Dale has helped countless home buyers and has been a mentor to hundreds of loan officers

Dale Elenteny can be reached at 630-479-2719 or email at

Jose Morales NMLS 1618281 Vice President Of Mortgage Banking

Jose Morales is a Vice President of Mortgage Banking for Gustan Cho Associates.

  • Jose is licensed in multiple states and has extensive loan origination experience on government and conventional loans as well as alternative financing home mortgages such as non-QM loans
  • Jose Morales is licensed in multiple states

Jose can be reached at or on his cell phone at 773-426-1464. Text Jose Morales for a faster response.

Henry Johnson NMLS 62492

Henry Johnson NMLS 62492 is a licensed loan officer and Senior Vice President for Gustan Cho Associates at Loan Cabin.  Henry Johnson’s contact information is 317-960-5426 and the email address is

Dora Luz Ali NMLS 1518932

Dora Ali is a senior mortgage banker with Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group at Loan Cabin Inc. Based in Houston, Texas, Dora is licensed in multiple states and has a national reputation of being able to close mortgage loans other lenders cannot.

  • Dora is an expert in FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans as well as Jumbo Mortgages, Foreign National Loans
  • Since a large percentage of Dora’s clients are business owners, Dora offers bank statement mortgage loans for self-employed borrowers where no income tax returns are required
  • NON-QM Loans and alternative financing loan programs are Dora’s top loan programs
  • Dora Ali and her Team represents a national lender with no overlays on government and conventional loans
  • A large percentage of Dora Ali’s borrowers are Spanish Speaking home buyers and foreign nationals
  • Dora is not just a direct lender with a national five-star reputation, but she is also a veteran licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas
  • With over a decade of full-time experience in helping Texas homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership become a reality
  • Dora Ali is the go-to person for home buyers, especially first time home buyers

Dora is available 7 days a week. She can be reached 832-455-7631 or text her for a faster response. Or email Dora at

Raul Enriquez NMLS 1678739

Who is Raul EnriquezRaul Enriquez is a senior loan officer with Gustan Cho Associates. Raul has extensive experience in government and conforming loans. Raul is also an expert in Non-QM and bank statement loans for self-employed borrowers. Mr. Enriquez contact information is

Syed Asif Ali NMLS 1518930

Syed Ali is a senior loan officer with The Gustan Cho Team at Loan Cabin Inc. Syed email address is

Syed Ali is a loan officer specializing in helping home buyers get financing in government and conventional loans. Syed is an expert in helping borrowers with less than perfect credit and higher debt to income ratios. All FHA Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans, Conventional Loans have no lender overlays at Gustan Cho Associates.

Syed also has extensive experience in originating and funding:

  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Alternative Financing
  • Condotel Loans
  • Non-Warrantable Condominiums
  • NON-QM Loans, Bank Statement Loans for Self Employed Borrowers
  • Investment Property Loans

Ricardo Chaparro NMLS 1642034

Ricky Chaparro is a licensed loan officer with Gustan Cho Associates. Ricky Chaparro’s contact information is Ricky Chapparo’s phone number is 626-221-1441.

Fabio Mino Scivittaro NMLS 227820

Fabio Mino Scivittaro NMLS 227820 is a senior loan officer assigned to the corporate offices of Loan Cabin Lombard Illinois.

Chuck Bono NMLS 1389149

Chuck Bono NMLS 1389149 is a veteran senior mortgage loan originator assigned to the corporate offices of Loan Cabin Lombard, Illinois.

Chuck is an expert on the following types of mortgage loan programs:

  • Most mortgage closings are done in 30 days or less
  • FHA Streamline Refinance 
  • FHA Loans With No Overlays
  • FHA 203k Loans
  • FHA Reverse Mortgages
  • High Balance FHA Loans
  • FHA Loans down to 580 FICO Credit Scores with no lender overlays
  • VA Loans With No Overlays
  • USDA With No Overlays
  • Conventional Loan Programs with no overlays
  • NON-QM Loans where borrowers one day out of bankruptcy and foreclosure can qualify for a mortgage
  • Investment property loans
  • Chuck, as well as all members of Gustan Cho Associates,  is available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays

Charles Bono can be reached at (630) 613-8389 and his email address is

Finnegan McCue 

Finnegan McCue is a licensed loan officer and a processing assistant for Gustan Cho Associates assigned to the corporate headquarters in Lombard, Illinois.

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