What Gets Me Motivated

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There is nothing better I have seen in the workplace than having an extremely motivating boss that knows just how to pump you up and ready to attack every task with 100% conviction.  I also like to think that as a manager myself, that I come across the same way to my team.  I want to make sure I lead my team just how I would like to be lead.  Now this is something that isn’t just a switch you can turn on and off at any given time.  This is a quality that either you have or you don’t, it’s plain and simple.

What Gets Me Motivated And Why I Choose The Mortgage Industry

 People ask me all the time now that I am in the mortgage industry as to what keeps me going when taking on a new challenge in a different industry.  My answer to them is simple, Gustan Cho of The Money Store and Gustan Cho Associates.  This man has taken me under his wing and has noticed my true potential and calling as a leader.  We are both programmed the same way in the sense that we want to motivate our team, have a great time, but also demand results and as close to perfection as possible.  Without the constant support of this man, I probably would have never decided to take the leap of faith into something brand new that I didn’t know much about, aside from purchasing a home a little over a year ago.

What Gets Me Motivated: My Goals

In terms of myself as a leader, I like to lead by example and show everyone that I will work nonstop to get the job at hand done.  I am not your typical 9-5 worker bee, but I want to be the king and my day never stops.  If I can show my team that I am willing to put in the time, they will more than likely follow my lead.  Granted there are people who enjoy the 9-5 lifestyle, and that is fine, but I want to make sure that in those 8 hours of the day I am getting 110% from them and that we never stop pushing.  My goal with my team is to keep them positive, hungry, and always wanting more.  If they are doing 5 cases a month, I want them doing 7 cases a month.  If they start doing 7 cases a month, I want them doing 10.  They need to understand that all the hard work WILL pay off in the end.

The flip side to this is I have been on the other side of this situation where I have had bosses that are slackers and do nothing to motivate anyone who works under them.  How can you ever expect to go above and beyond your daily production if you aren’t pushing or rewarding your team for putting in the effort.  I can honestly tell you that I have had a few jobs where all I did was punch the clock and collect my check.  Why did I need to give any more than the standard when there was no motivation to?

What Gets Me Motivated: Recognition

That brings me to another point and that is employee recognition.  Now I am not saying I would expect or I plan to give out hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis to keep people happy, but every few months you have to treat your team to a reward.  It can be something as simple as a luncheon or you can even make plaques for the top performers so they have something to show-off.  This may not sound like much, but I can tell you, a $30 plaque will keep that person working extremely hard for you.  They will go home that night and they will be ecstatic with their family.  Not only have you motivated your employee, but now their family is on your side too!  Just think about it, it’s the small stuff.

Let this just be some words to all you managers out there.  It isn’t hard to find good employees, you just need to know how to motivate them and they will deliver anything and everything you need.  If you are in tune with them, they will notice this and once you flip that switch for them, BINGO!

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