Welcome On Board Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154


Congratulations And Welcome On Board Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154

The Gustan Cho Team Adds Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 To Our National Growing Team

Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 is a licensed mortgage loan officer with The Gustan Cho Team NMLS 13589. Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 is based in Austin, Texas and is skilled in assisting home buyers with FHA, Conventional, VA, and USDA mortgage loans. Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 is also a senior writer for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center. She is committed to providing her clients with exceptional service and will work alongside them through the entire loan process to ensure complete understanding at every stage.

Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 Background

Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 is the daughter is a career Air Force veteran, and was born at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Her father was relocated to Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas when she was very young. As the daughter of a military family, she was taught the value of discipline, commitment, and goal attainment. Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 began working full-time immediately after high school to pay her own way through college and successfully obtained an undergraduate degree in Communication from Texas State University, with a minor in Business Administration. She has remained in the Austin, Texas Metropolitan area and has raised her own family there. Rebecca has one daughter, Erin, who is currently a sophomore attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Rebecca Clevlen Career As A Teacher

After several years in the corporate world, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 followed her calling and transitioned into the field of education as a teacher working with elementary and middle school students teaching mathematics in a premier school district in her area.  During her time as a middle school teacher, she served as a teacher mentor and as department chair for her 7th grade mathematics team. While a full time teacher, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 began working to further develop her knowledge and skills by obtaining a Masters Degree in Education Administration.  Because of her success in the classroom and the high standards she had established, she was selected to work as a leadership trainer and instructional coach of teachers for Region 13 Education Service Center.

Rebecca Cleven Career In Real Estate

Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 has always had a strong connection to the Real Estate industry though, and credits her father for her love of it. Upon retirement from the military, her father began working as a Real Estate Appraiser for the county in he lived. When given the opportunity, Rebecca would tag along with her dad where he would explain the process of how property values were determined. Fascinated by the entire process, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 was eager to assist him with his calculations whenever possible. Upon completion of her obligations in the field of Education, she rekindled her interest in Real Estate; the profession her father had made seem so interesting to her many years before.  She originally obtained her real estate license in 1999, originated mortgage loans in 2000, and has made use of her experience in mathematics and education to develop a keen ability to assist her clients in the process and understanding of the business of real estate.

Rebecca Clevlen Joins The Gustan Cho Team

After much research, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 found Gustan Cho & Associates on the internet. After expressing a need for guidance, Gustan Cho immediately responded to Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 with resources and a potential course of action, demonstrating his level of expertise and commitment to anyone in need of assistance. With the support and encouragement of Gustan Cho, Rebecca obtained her NMLS SAFE mortgage loan originators license, and joined The Gustan Cho Team to further solidify her commitment to supporting homebuyers. With her experience as a real estate agent along with her deep understanding of numbers, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 brings a unique perspective to each and every mortgage transaction. She is able to understand and appreciate the confidence and trust borrowers and agents must feel throughout the entire loan process. Understanding that accurate and timely communication is essential, Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 is committed to ensuring that all parties are confident in the process and in her ability to support them. By joining The Gustan Cho Team NMLS 13589, Rebecca can ensure that clients will be completely supported as they embark upon their dream of purchasing a ‘home’. Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154 can be reached at 512-663-2100 or via email at Rebecca.Clevlen@phmc.com.

About The Author: Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154

The Gustan Cho Team would like to welcome Rebecca Clevlen NMLS 1450154. Rebecca will be based in Austin, Texas and is a great asset to The Gustan Cho Team and Gustan Cho Associates. Rebecca is licensed in Texas and California. Rebecca Clevlen is a professional writer and is a guest writer for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Resource Center. Rebecca Clevlen is a professional speaker, licensed real estate agent, and now is a licensed mortgage loan originator. Rebecca’s background as a teacher, real estate agent, and former experience as a mortgage loan officer will make her one of the top loan officers nationally at The Gustan Cho Team . Every member of PHMC is excited to have Rebecca Clevlen on board and we all are looking forward to working with her.

  1. Bonni Davis says

    I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago and it gave me hope. I had fallen on difficult times physically after a very bad fall and surgery and also financially after the market crash; as so many mortgage and real estate related people did. I waited until 2017 to attempt to get back into it. With credit cards in collection status, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get my license. I even had my own mortgage business years earlier. So, I was not new to the industry. I just needed to re-learn what I already knew and get updated.
    When speaking with the State of Florida for direction, that darned brick wall kept rising. I was in tears trying to figure out what to do. I looked up state statutes. There was nothing definitive. Very vague explanations. I even asked a lawyer friend and they couldn’t give me any clear answer either.
    I sent you an email and my cell phone number in hopes you would contact me and help me figure out how to get things accomplished as you were able to; and you did call me. Thank you so much.
    There was such a sense of relief and hope I felt after speaking with you. I did the things you said to do and received my license in Florida. Thank you so much for your time back then.
    I am hoping that you will be able to take time again and call me. I am interested in getting licensed in other states and changing the company I work for to an online company. I would appreciate your advice as to which states would be best to add licenses.
    Please call me on my cell at 386-314-8897. I hope you have the time to call me. Thank you again.

    1. Gustan Cho, NMLS 873293 says

      I will call you shortly.

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