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Hello and happy Tuesday to each and every one of you!
I hope that everyone weekend was as fantastic as mine. I went to visit my little sister because she’s relocating to Texas tomorrow. I gave me a chance to say farewell and to catch up with some family members and friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time. One of my mother’s friends who I use to be very much attached to as a child was extremely excited to see me. I have seen this friend of the family in 2 or so years due to both of our schedules being extremely busy. She asked me questions around my family, work life, and personal everyday life just trying to catch up and get a sense of how I’m doing today. I love to talk with her because she’s ver inspirational, and o matter the goal (small or huge) she’s always there to support you in any way that she can. I began to explain to her what I’ve been up to regarding getting into the mortgage industry based off of my experience that I endured in 2015. She looked at me and said I’ve always been very proud of you Candice, but right now at this moment I”m even more proud of you than I have ever been before. I asked “Why is that?” She began to explain obstacles, and how obstacles stand in our way everyday from living our our dreams, and the things we are truly passionate about. She said “No only did you overcome all obstacles that stood in your way of rehabbing a multi-unit property, but you also took the experience and turned it into something that you have always been passionate about. Helping others! I said to he”I’m glad you just sad this to me because I’ve been up and down about this situation for quite some time.

My Weekend Inspiration: What I Learned

For a long time I blamed everyone but myself. I held onto anger towards my contractor for a long time as well, but today you just uplifted my spirit to a new level and I thank you for that.” She then turned to me and said “Candice, the difference between you and other people in the world is that you genuinely care about people. You are a very caring and loving person and often you just want to be treated the same as you treat others'” I said yes you absolutely right! She then grabbed my hand and said “Unfortunately not everyone in the world is as genuine as you are Candice, and as soon as your able to dissect the kind of individual you are dealing with at all times, the better off you will be, and the further you will go in life!” Tears came to me eyes! I hadn’t had this amount of joy in my heart in quite sometime, especially over the last year or so talking to anyone. She gave me a big hug and said “Everything will be ok. The future is looking very bright for you and you will concur everything you’re setting out to concur and much more.” I said thank you so much for this great moment and I love you to very much! Let us all try to surround ourselves with individuals that uplift us, and stay away from those that just tear us down. When you surround yourself around people that want the same outcome as you, you’ll get there much faster, and on a much more positive note! Until next time world!

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