The Gustan Cho Team At Nationwide Mortgage And Realty

This Article On The Gustan Cho Team at Nationwide Mortgage and Realty Was Written By Gustan Cho NMLS 873293

First like to apologize for not keeping in touch with everyone during the past few months. I am now with The Gustan Cho Team at Nationwide Mortgage and Realty AND I hope you all are doing well and the purpose for my email is to explain what happened to me and my  team and joining Nationwide Mortgage. The past several years my website and/or websites has gone viral and there is not a day that our team does not write new loans.

Loan Scenarios With The Gustan Cho Team At Nationwide Mortgage Closes Loans In 21 Days

Here is the brief experiences I have personally closed loans in 21 days:
  •  18 day closing on a VA Loans and outstanding collections and 60% DTI
  • 19 clear to closes in 20 days I was here
  • Getting a clear to close by a remote underwriter while watching the Super Bowl Game.
  • One day underwriting approvals
  • No more than one touches on a conditional mortgage loan approval
  • Underwriters and processors are remote and we get CTC over the week Only one touch deals on conditional loan approvals
  • Calls and emails get responded within minutes of inquiry
  • There are so much more that it will take countless of pages to list on this blog

 Benefits Of Being Both Mortgage Broker And Banker

There are times where if a loan officer works for a mortgage banker and does not have the ability to broker files out where they cannot do in-house, they may need to refer the borrower out to another lender that can help the borrower. There are many benefits for a mortgage banker to be able to broker loans to wholesale mortgage lenders. Unfortunately, most wholesale lenders are not licensed to deal one on one with retail borrowers so they need to have a broker/investor relationship with a licensed mortgage company. Nationwide Mortgage and Realty LLC has wholesale lender relationships with dozens of wholesale lender and have the ability to bank mortgage loans in-house as well with a warehouse line of credit. The goal at Nationwide is to be able to offer its borrowers a one stop lending stop shop.

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