Teamwork At The WorkPlace And What Makes a Great Team

In this blog, we will cover and discuss teamwork at the workplace and how workers make a great company. In my experience of being a leader and a manager of many individuals in my career, I have developed quite an understanding on how to build my team and how to keep them motivated. I have also learned to identify causes for concern that can ultimately derail the team and destroy it from the inside out. I am a firm believer that the people we work with make up the company’s reputation. The people we work with make the company either GREAT or a bad work environment.

What Makes a Great Team

The main reason Gustan Cho Associates is so successful is that everyone from the CEO down the food chain treats every employee like family. In this article, we will discuss and cover Teamwork At The WorkPlace and how it is the people that make  a great team and a great company.

Teamwork At The Workplace And Building An All-Star Team

Now I have been a manager in a lot of different capacities in my life and I have had to oversee groups from 2-7 direct reports. The hardest part of leading any group is getting all your team to buy in to what you are selling and to respect you. The other key item is getting them to all work together and function as a single unit and not everyone going out on a tangent and only looking out for their best interest.

Teamwork at the Workplace and What Makes a Great Leader

When you are learning to be a good leader, you need to first understand how to identify the key players on your team and you need to ensure that they respect you and are 100% behind you. You can normally identify this by watching the day-to-day functionality of that person in their job. When you have noticed your key players on your team, you can now make sure the other pieces are pulling their weight and are on the same page as the others. Obviously you want to hire rock stars, but sometimes not everyone can be a rock star. But they can be a highly dependable “worker bee” who will get things done for you, no questions asked.

How One Rotten Apple Can Ruin The Group

If you come into a situation where you find someone can’t hold their weight compared to the other team members, you need to try and get them up to speed through leadership and mentoring. If this fails and you can’t see any progression, then sometimes it is easier to let them loose before they hurt the team too much. If a team is constantly carrying the weight of this other person, you need to get them out of there before your team starts developing a dislike for you as the manager. A good leader will know when an individual is worth saving or if it is better just to let them go. This may mean you have to train new people to bring on. But ultimately you will hire new workers to get the job done.

Teamwork At The Workplace: Dealing With The Bad Apples

Bullies in the workplace ruin the whole team and poisons productivity. So what happens now when you have a strong worker on your team who you can tell is working independently and only looking out for themselves? What if for whatever reason this person has begun to belittle the weaker members of the team? You are put in a tough position as you need to determine if a detriment to morale is worth it only so you don’t lose one of your top producers. This is why you are the manager and are paid the big bucks. So what would you do in this situation? As contrary to belief as this sounds, you need to get rid of that bad apple for the sake of keeping the rest of your team intact and on the same wavelength as you. This leads you to another very hard lesson when becoming a manager, and that is you need to realize that you will survive until that void is filled. As long as your team keeps working together, there really isn’t much to worry about. The long-term ramifications of someone like this can put you at risk of losing a lot of your team or having them bail on you. This is because you didn’t have the guts to confront that weak link. As the old cliché goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link, and it couldn’t be more true in this situation.. Whether you are a new manager or have many years of experience, you always have to make sure you don’t get complacent with your team. Or I can guarantee you their production will regress and you will probably have more than desirable turnover. Now you know what happens when production decreases don’t you? You are the one on the chopping block. Don’t let this happen to you!

Teamwork at the Workplace at Gustan Cho Associates

This blog on Teamwork At The Workplace was written by Dale Elenteny. Dale Elenteny is a senior loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates. Dale is also a contributing editor and writer for Gustan Cho AssociatesDale is also an associate moderator for Mortgage Portal. Mortgage Portal is America’s fastest and largest growing online mortgage and real estate community. Members of Mortgage Portal include mortgage professionals, attorneys, realtors, home buyers, home sellers, and consumers. Our members all become free members and participate in case scenarios or ask questions. Most moderators are real estate or mortgage professionals who may be able to answer most questions by our viewers.

Leadership Through Leader by Example

Dale Elenteny is a licensed mortgage loan originator and national director of training and marketing for Gustan Cho Associates. Dale is looking to help those aggressive goal-oriented individuals interested in career opportunities as a loan officer. Dale is one of the most talented individuals that I have ever met. You will never find any team leader and manager like Dale Elenteny. Dale Elenteny was known by most of his friends, business associates, and clients for his passion for helping others. One of his main passion in life is to train people to become top producers as loan officers.

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