• Joe
  • Joe Betro Conventional, VA, DSCR, and Bank Statement Advisor jbetro@theloanstore.com

Meet Joe Betro, aka “The Above Average Joe,” the mortgage industry maven with over eight years of experience. He won’t claim to be perfect, but he sure knows how to keep those loans moving, drop mortgage knowledge bombs, and respond like a champ. He’s so dedicated, he’ll work until his phone dies from exhaustion.

Joe cut his teeth as a retail loan officer for the biggest mortgage lender in Detroit, but he came to his senses and moved to the wholesale channel, where he’s been crushing it for the past four years. And he’s got brains to boot – he’s married to a corporate finance attorney at a big three auto company, so he’s definitely not winning any arguments with the Wife, but he’s probably smart enough to close your loan.

Oh, and did we mention he’s got a boat and lives on a lake? If you’re ever in “The Mitten,” make sure you swing by during summer and get ready to hit the lake with Joe. He’s the man with the plan and the boat.