Roof Maintenance Advice And Tips For Homeowners

This BLOG On Roof Maintenance Advice And Tips For Homeowners Was UPDATED On October 20th, 2018

(Four ways to help make your roof leak-proof)

Considering the record-breaking heat last summer, we understand why you might welcome the storms “El Nino” is sending our way.

  • But before you start planning to spend your weekends curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, watching the rain pitter-patter on your window, take some time to prepare your home
  • In particular your roof- for the deluge
  • Of course, roof maintenance is important all the time, but this year, it’s especially critical
  • Experts say that homes could be more susceptible to leaks this spring
  • This because the summer’s high, dry heat caused the wood in the houses to contract and open up small gaps, big enough to allow water to leak through
  • And that’s why homeowner’s should make sure their roofs are sealed up tight before the rains come

The following are some steps to take to help avoid leaks this spring.

Perform A Through Inspection

Why hire a specialist if necessary

You should give your roof a good once-over at least annually and twice a year if possible.

  • It’s not as difficult as you might think, just put a ladder up to the side of your house and check for missing or worn shingles
  • Take a particular close look at spots where there’s flashing or where two different materials meet
  • Examples are such as the areas around chimneys, vents and skylights
  • If they’re not sealed right, they’re prime spots for leaks
  • Tiles can slip, chip and crack exposing the felt paper underneath to the sun which in turn causes wear and tear to the paper leading to possible leaks

Hire A Professional If Necessary

If you’re not comfortable looking at the roof yourself or if you think you found some trouble spots during your once-over call a reputable roofer and make an appointment for a general roof inspection.

  • The best person to hire is the contractor who installed your roof because of his or her familiarity with your house
  • If the roofer isn’t available ask friends for recommendations or inquire at the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Make sure the inspector is licensed, bonded and in good standing with your state’s contracting board and always check customer references

Always as an inspector to take photographs so you can get a firsthand look at the trouble spots.

BASIC Roof Maintenance Advice And Tips For Homeowners

What are roof maintenance tips for homeowners

Take time to clean out rain gutters and while you’re at it make sure they’re securely fastened to your house so they can do their job.

  • In addition clear out any debris buildup such as leaves from the valley in your roof which are also designed to carry rainwater off your roof
  • After a big storm check your gutters and roof again to make sure there are no clogs

Remember putting off maintenance can void the warranty on your current roof so by all means if you know of any leaks in your roof take care of them now.

Roof Maintenance Advice And Tips For Homeowners: Don’t Forget About Trees

During the heatwave last year many trees got so dehydrated that their roots came to the surface looking for water.

  • That makes them weaker than usual and heavy rains and high winds will pull them out of the ground more easily than usual this spring
  • So if you have trees near your house that might uproot and fall on your roof hire an arborist to assess their health

Also, trim back any tree limbs hanging over your home so they don’t crack and punch a hole in your roof during a strong storm.

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What are the roof maintenance tips and advice for homeowners

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