Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity With Gustan Cho Associates

This BLOG On Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity With Gustan Cho Associates Was UPDATED On January 6th, 2019

What are the career opportunities for a remote loan with Gustan Cho Associates

Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity And Benefits Of Working At Home And Home Office Experience:

  • For years I commuted back and forth from a traditional office with a specific routine until I got a Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity with The Gustan Cho Team
  • Got in early, got my work done, and went home. I put thousands of miles on my vehicles, spent thousands of dollars on fuel, tolls, and maintenance
  • I was happy doing it because that’s what you did
  • You went to the office
  • Gustan Cho is the National Managing Director at Gustan Cho Associates
  • Gustan Cho is in charge of hiring new loan officers at Gustan Cho Associates
  • Gustan Cho gave me a Remote Loan Officer Opportunity to work as a mortgage loan officer to work from home with a fast-growing group of mortgage professionals based in the Lombard, Illinois corporate headquarters

In this article, we will discuss and cover the Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity With Gustan Cho Associates.

Giving A Home Office A Try Due To Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity

So I decided to give working from home a try.

  • Having set up a nice office with a computer, scanner, printer, and fax machine, I was ready to dig in and get to work
  • This proved to be a more labored transition, from office to home office, than I expected
  • I was unprepared for the hundreds of distractions that are available for the new home office worker
  • It started with having a TV in my office
  • This was fine for paying bills but proved absolutely debilitating to any type of extended concentration
  • I knew Jim Rockford would solve the case
  • I just couldn’t help myself from finding out how he did it
  • It was much more interesting than the work I was doing
  • Next, all of a sudden I found out how needy my beautiful children really were
  • There’s nothing to eat, take me to Shelby’s, give me some money for the ice cream man
  • Wow, how do home office people get anything done?

Negatives Of Home Office

Those distractions are difficult but I think the thing that prompted me to finally get organized is the smell.

  • The smell of not getting out of your pajamas for two days and having your fifteen-year-old son telling you your beautiful home office that you worked so hard to get perfect
  • Smelled like an old man that hadn’t taken a shower in two days.
  • Yikes
  • I completed my transition to my home office by doing what I’d always done
  • Get up, work out, shower, get dressed and walk into my office
  • It’s difficult to mentally make the transition from the home is a place to relax to a place to work
  • Routine is critical
  • Get into a solid routine or head back to the office
  • I like it here

Adapting To Working At Home As A Remote Loan Officer

How to adapt to work at home as a remote loan specialist

Get organized, get a routine, and be successful from home. 

  • There are loan officers who cannot stay focused and concentrate from working at home
  • If you have younger children, this can be a distraction
  • It is very easy to get distracted due to all of the convenience you have around you such TV, refrigerator, and friends stopping by your home

Benefits Of Working At Home

There are many benefits to working at home. But working at home will only be beneficial if you are structured and self-motivated.

Here are the great benefits of working at home with The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates:

  • Depending on how far you are from the branch office of your mortgage company, the daily time savings on the commute is the greatest benefits
  • You will get to save hours of your day doing more lucrative positive tasks to do production than sit on rush hour traffic
  • Save fuel and car expenses
  • Every task for you to function as a remote loan officer is electronic these days and you can do everything that you do from an office from the comfort of your own home
  • The time you save in commuting can be used for other positive tasks like spending that time for working on your borrowers’ files, marketing, contacting realtors, and building relationships to increase your business
  • Take extended breaks and returning back to work
  • Set your own hours of operations

Being available to your borrowers anytime and having access to everything you need in the comfort of your own home.

Gratitude Of Gustan Cho Associates

I cannot thank Gustan Cho and Gustan Cho Associates enough for giving me a Remote Loan Officer Opportunity.

  • I am one of the top producers at Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group
  • I enjoy working remotely is now an addiction where I cannot work at an office environment
  • Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity and my office is about a 90-minute commuting distance from where I live
  • This is a one-way commuting time with light traffic
  • There are days where it can take me over two hours to get to my office
  • By the time you get there, you need some time to unwind which takes more time out of your valuable day from working
  • Then when it is time for you to leave, you need to prep yourself which normally takes a good 30 minutes to make sure that your desk is in order and pack up your belongings to make sure that you have not forgotten everything

The benefits of working at home as a remote loan officer gives me so many benefits.

Here Are A Few Benefits To List Of Gustan Cho Associates

What are the advantages of Gustan Cho's colleagues

  • Freedom to set my own hours
  • Over three-plus hours of commuting time is no longer waster
  • Taking extended breaks during the day and not calling it a day and being able to return to work
  • Being able to work until late
  • Being able to work weekends since you have a home office and access to all tools and programs
  • The policy of its 21-day closings
  • Full Benefits
  • 401k Pension
  • Guaranteed bi-weekly draws

About The Gustan Cho Team & Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunity

I have been working at Gustan Cho Associates for just under a year and will explain to you why Gustan Cho Associates has the Best Mortgage Loan Officer Career Opportunities than any other company in the country.

  • Gustan Cho Associates is currently hiring experienced remote loan officers and support staff nationwide
  • But more importantly, Gustan Cho Associates is looking for dozens of quality loan officers nationwide
  • You do not have to come in to the office everyday and can work as a remote loan officer
  • Come in to the office whenever you need to or whenever you need to meet borrowers or realtor partners
  • Gustan Cho Associates is aggressively seeking quality loan officers in the Chicagoland Area and nationwide who is looking for a permanent home to not just work as a licensed loan officer but to expand their careers

There are many benefits to list in working at Gustan Cho Associates and here are a few:

  • Over 75% of our borrowers are folks who get a last-minute loan denial or are going through undue stress during the mortgage process with their current lender
  • These borrowers contact us so having the backing of a five-star national lender with fast closing times and no overlays are crucial or we all would be out of business
  • Full marketing support and marketing support staff that will help brand your name and co-brand with realtor referral partners
  • Branch provided quality leads where loan officers will never have to worry about not being busy enough.
  • If you are willing to put in the hours, Gustan Cho Associates will provide borrowers for all loan officers to work until they get a book of business and help become top loan officers
  • Customized websites for loan officers and realtor partners
  • Not just duplicate website templates but custom and unique lead generating websites
  • Advancement opportunities were to become team leaders and sales managers
  • Stellar benefits which includes medical, dental, and vision insurance and 401k retirement accounts
  • No overlays on government and Conventional Loans
  • Non-QM Loans and out of the box loan programs such as no waiting period after bankruptcy and foreclosure, bank statement loans, condotel and non-warrantable financing

Again, there are too many benefits to list with working at Gustan Cho Associates. Contact us at 262-716-8151 or text us for a faster response. Or Email us at [email protected]

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