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First Year Of Owning A New Construction Home

This Article On First Year Of Owning A New Construction Home Was Written By Bob Vogel

Owning a new construction home is extremely rewarding and a dream come true. However, owning a new construction home can be stressful also prior to closing. What really goes on in waiting for your home to be completed and after you close on the home and move in?  Most people think there are minimal headaches since “hey, it’s new construction, it should be mistake free right?”  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Now I am not going to say I wasn’t happy and anxious to get into my new home, but there are definitely some parts of the process that can be downright maddening.

Owning A New Construction Home: The Purchase Contract

After putting down our earnest money deposit and signing the contract, we were about 2 months from delivery of our home.  At this time the frame was up, the roof was on, the piping was being run, as well as the electrical.  We went through our regularly scheduled walk-thrus with the builder’s foreman and we were assured how great the construction was and the quality of product we were getting.  Now what first got me a little uneasy was the fact that the foreman told us there were 40 or so houses all going up at the same time.  What this meant is that trades were coming in and out at a fever pace to get these houses up in 12-14 weeks depending on the size.

Owning A new Construction Home: Prior To Closing

About 2 weeks before closing , we were driving by during the day and what really upset us the fact that we could see the sub-contractors smoking in our garage and in our house. Now there are signs on the windows and sliding doors that smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of the home and there they are laying my floors and carpeting smoking away.  Now I am tasked with the issue of do I say anything?  These sub-contractors are in my house, so if I make a big deal about it, what else could they possibly do….. We let this go and moved on until our final walk-thru of the home.

Owning A New Construction Home: Punch List

Here is where a few key items were glaring that had been missed:

  1. The doorway to our master bathroom was nowhere near where it should be.  It was more than 1 foot from where it should have been.
  2. They forgot an entire 4 foot long bump out that was supposed to be in our master bedroom closet.
  3.  They forgot a window above the French doors to our office
  4.  There were parts of our wood floor in the kitchen that appeared to be jammed together as if they didn’t cut the boards right and other sections where there large gaps between the floors to where I could see the sub-floor below.

After bringing up the structural items to the foreman, he swore up and down that the house was built to spec per the floor plan.  I fought him on this and demanded he get the plans and show me the measurements of these “properly built items.”  To make a long story short he finally admitted he was wrong but then tried to convince us not to have to make the changes citing “do you know how much work this will be?”  Yes, in fact I do know how much work this will have to be, but if you built it properly in the first place, this wouldn’t have been an issue.  These items were fixed and we took ownership in the house.  Let me tell you, the fun didn’t stop here….

Issues With Owning A New Construction Home

Almost immediately we started noticing more issues:  bending deck boards, more wood floor issues, caulking around our tub and shower was cracked, the shower pan squeaked all the time while taking a shower, the soundproofing for our dishwasher wasn’t installed, they forgot the downspouts to our gutters, and the best of them all was the exact places where we made them fix and adjust the structural issues, the drywall was cracking and cracking quickly.  They did come out and fix some issues, but the cracked walls we are still dealing with to this day as they have cracked twice now.

New construction isn’t all bad, you do end up getting a new beautiful home, but you just have to remember that the quality of work in your house depends on the sub-contractors used.  When these guys are all based on quantity and not quality, this is what you get.  In the mass-produced community homes, this is almost 100% the case in each neighborhood and builder.  A word to the wise, be prepared for this, don’t take it to heart, and go through everything with a fine-toothed comb, don’t be fooled by the sunshine and rainbows that are promised.

About The Author: Bob Vogel

Bob Vogel is a writer for Gustan Cho Associates Commercial And Residential Mortgage Information Center and a career accountant with expertise in all areas of accounting. Bob Vogel is an expert on all areas of mortgage loans, both commercial and residential, and offers advice on mortgage loans and interest deductions to the hundreds of accounting and financial clients he represents. Bob Vogel has committed himself in being the best of the best in representing the clients who trust him on his knowledge and pursued getting his federal NMLS mortgage lending license. Bob Vogel will be taking his federal NMLS exam this Saturday February 6th, 2016 and will proceed with practicing loan origination with The Money Store , a national mortgage banking firm headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey. Looking forward to having Bob Vogel be part of our growing team. Stay tuned for more articles by Bob Vogel, a natural born team leader.

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