Portfolio Mortgage Financing Programs

Mortgage Financing Programs: There are many mortgage financing programs available today such as condotel financing, non-warrantable condominium loans, hard money loans, bridge financing, commercial loans, equipment leasing, and special financing for doctors and members of  healthcare that is unsecured financing.

Just want to make mention of 7 reasons why to consider placing your Jumbo mortgage financing programs with Gustan Cho.
1.       80% Loan to value up to 1.5 Million on primary single family residences.
2.       80%  Loan to value up to 1.5 Million for mortgage loan Borrowers who have No US Credit or Limited Tradelines ( Expat Program designed for those living / working for a US Company )  .
3.       80% Loan to value up to  $625,500 OR 75%  loan to value up to 1.5 Million on vacation / Second Home / Non Warrantable Condos / Co-ops .
4.       70% Loan to value up to 2.0 Million on Condo-Tels.
5.       65% LTV up to 2.5 Million for Canadian Borrowers looking to purchase a Vacation / Second Home in the US
6.       50% Loan to value up to 3.0 Million on Investment Properties / Foreign Nationals consider on a case by case basis.
7.       Up to 1.0 Million Cash In Hand.

85% Jumbo Mortgage Financing Programs

For those high end home buyers who are looking for Jumbo mortgage loan programs with minimal down payments, Gustan Cho offers an 85% Loan to value Jumbo mortgage loan programs with no mortgage insurance.  The maximum loan amount for the 85% Jumbo mortgage loan programs are a maximum loan amount of $850,000.  One week underwriting and closing in 30 days or less.

75% Loan To Value Condotel Mortgage Financing Programs

Gustan Cho is one of a few Condo Hotel Mortgage Lenders in this country.  Gustan Cho specializes in Condotel mortgage loan programs.  Condotel purchase mortgage loan programs, Condotel refinance mortgage loan programs, and Condotel cashout refinance mortgage loan programs.

Condotel Financing And Non-Warrantable Condominiums

For primary and second home Condotel mortgage loans, the maximum Loan to value is 75%.  For Condotel cashout refinance mortgage loans, the Loan to value is 75% for primary and second home Condotel units.  For Condotel purchase mortgage loans, Condotel refinance loans, and Condotel cashout refinance mortgage loans for investment Condotels, the maximum Loan to value allowed is 60%.

Condotel financing is rapidly growing popularity throughout the state of Florida and state of Illinois and state of California as well as the rest of the United States.

For more information on Jumbo portfolio mortgage loan programs, contact Gustan Cho Associates at www.gustancho.com.

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