Living In America And The Dream Of Homeownership


This Article On Living In America And The Dream Of Homeownership Was PUBLISHED On July 20th, 2020

America is a blessed country.

  • We Americans know this because most of us had never had to go without compared to the rest of the world
  • I can say this and be confident in this knowledge
  • This is because we are not deprived of the communication technologies many people around the world live without
  • It is through these technologies, like the Internet, and television that I know we are blessed
  • Working at Gustan Cho Associates is a dream come true for me
  • I am making good money, saving money, and am looking forward to buying my first home soon

In this article, we will discuss and cover Living In America And The Dream Of Homeownership.

The Luxuries Living In America

Through the luxuries of email on the web, my family and I have stayed in touch with a girl named Anadi from Nepal. Anadi is a chaperone for the little boys we looked after when our church volunteered homes for a choir named Children of The World. Anadi had become close to us in just two days, and sadly, she opened up to tell us that she takes care of her paralyzed mother who financially struggles. On top of this, she told us her brother lives on two dollars a month. We asked if she wanted to live with us, and since then we have been emailing her. Anadi wants to live in our home, but legal issues come into play. Through messaging Anadi, my family and I see the importance of communicating and staying in touch online, when we otherwise could not have stayed connected with her. We as well can be aware of what’s happening in her life on the other side of the world.

Living In America: Technology

Another communication technology that has been around since my generation is television. Did you know within three generations the chances of you being forgotten are normal? Most people do not even know their own great grandparents. Watching the television gives me a daily reminder that eyes are everywhere. Everyone chooses actions to take, a platform to stand on, and how to be remembered. Simply watching someone can teach us so much, either horrendous or amazing lessons. I have decided to not take the TV for granted, because I have decided like many people shown on it, making something of myself is not an option. I will inspire with the hope that my story is passed on for endless generations.

Living In America: Communication

I intend on remembering that communication in my own business will be my number one priority. My family and I can stay up to date on Andis life, thanks to communication and the Internet. My intention for the future business I will own is to hear the thoughts of others. If I would like to go forth with a new rule or layout for my business, first, I will talk to my employees to see if everyone is on the same page. The company will be mine, so if someone disagrees, we will converse and compromise together to arrive at the best option for everyone. My number one goal in business is to be able to understand why what I am doing will not work for someone. Having empathy involves listening, a significant part of communication.

Living In America: Marketing

Secondly, the story my business tells will be a great one. If someone sees me on TV I want him or her to think, “She stands for something.” Subway for instance was struggling to take off in the beginning, because they simply relied on marketing the old fashion way, which was saying, “Hey our subs are better than theirs.” However, once a man named Jared Fogle came into the picture, a man who has lost hundreds of pounds due to his “Subway diet”, this was when the business came rolling in. People now want to buy from Subway simply because they believe there is a bigger picture, rather than just fulfilling the craving for a sub. Subways customers relate to the message of their healthy food and cling to the fact that their subs have the ability to change a lifestyle into a healthy, and happy one. That is my goal for whatever company I choose to run, that I would have a story to tell that will create loyal customers, and they see that my goal isn’t just to make money, but to relate and possibly change the world one positive step at a time.

Proud To Be An American

I want to put into action what so many people waste with words. That is why I am blessed to live in America, a country that provides us with all the necessary tools for us to “walk on the moon.” Simply through emailing, and watching television I have learned the impact I can make in the business world. Through communicating my story, without a doubt all my goals will truly play out.

About The Author: Martyna Szettel

Martyna Szettel is a writer for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage And Real Estate Information Center and the marketing manager for GCA Mortgage Group. Martyna Szettel is preparing to get her NMLS mortgage loan originator’s license and follow is excited in becoming a mortgage banker and be an expert in the areas of residential, commercial, and non-conforming lending. Stay tuned for more articles that will be published by Martyna Szettel in the coming days and weeks.

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