Illinois realtor Jeanne Dominguez

I work with a team of more than a dozen realtors in Illinois and Florida and have the utmost respect for them.   My realtor team and I work together in accomplishing one goal in mind; to make sure the home buyer closes their home and most importantly, that they close on time.  One special mention I like to make is a very special realtor who also became a lifelong friend who I feel deserves to be mentioned.  This special realtor is a true, kind hearted human being, who truly cares for her clients and goes beyond the call of duty.  Whether the home purchase is $50,000 or $500,000,  this special Illinois Remax Realtor, who is based in Will County, cares for the individual home buyer and their families.  I have seen her in action and so did my staff and could not believe how she goes to help her client in not just answering questions about the subject property but also helps them gather information and make sure that all parties, sellers, sellers agent, sellers attorneys, buyers attorneys, title companies, insurance agents, appraisers, and all parties involved in the home purchase transaction.  She is a natural leader and when things go wrong, she takes on the leadership role and is the first to volunteer in huddling our team to get a solution.  This special Illinois realtor is Jeanne Dominguez.  Jeanne Dominguez of Remax is hands down one of the top realtor in this planet.  She is a veteran realtor and an all around lifetime friend.   When you have Jeanne Dominguez represent you as your realtor, whether on the buyers side or sellers side, you not only get the best of the best realtor, but you will also meet a lifetime friend.  She is caring and will treat you like family.

Jeanne Dominguez is hands down the best example of a full service realtor who really truly cares for her clients and treats them like family.  One example is when I had a client who who did not have a printer, scanner, nor fax and I need them to get me documents asap in order to submit final conditions in order for us to get a clear to close to meet the closing deadline.  Jeanne took the leadership role and picked up the client and took her to her office where the client had access to the scanner and fax.  This is the way Jeanne does business.  She is available 7 days a week and her passion is to get her clients moved in to their dream home without any problems.  Whenever I have Jeanne Dominguez as a realtor representing my borrowers, the deal does not just close, it closes on time.  She is a leader in her field and most importantly, she is a Godsend of a human being and a great friend.  All of Jeanne Dominguez’s clients are not just past clients when the deal closes.  Her clients gain a family member for life and that is PRICELESS.

No pressure from Jeanne Dominguez; Always has a clients best interest at heart

I had a recent transaction with Jeanne Dominguez where Jeanne Dominguez represented a first time home buyer who really needed more hand holding than any other average home buyer.  The buyer was only 22 years old and was clueless.  I did my very best to try to educate him and his family but to very little avail.  Jeanne Dominguez took time off and visited the family not just once, but multiple times, even on weekends.  By the time we were ready to close, the young man was an expert and was prepped up for the closing and even knew how to read the HUD and was questioning the closing papers.  LOL.  Jeanne Dominiguez is a realtor you should know.   You can visit Jeanne Dominguez at or call her at 815-483-7488.

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