Real Estate Appraisal Advice: Home Valuation Websites vs. Human Valuation

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Real Estate Appraisal

When you are trying to sell your home and integral first step is obviously to first have your home evaluated and have the property and home appraised for its value. Many of us lead very busy lives, and sometimes the ease of the internet and the technology it has given us, give us access to means to making our busy lives easier. For example, you can actually use automated valuation models (which are called AVMs) which are integrated into home valuation websites, and you can get a real estate appraisal this way. However, amongst your busy life, there are some things that may require added, extra special attention and getting an accurate appraisal for your home is one of those things.

Methods used in a Real Estate Appraisal

The truth is that there are some issues that come with using AVMs, and relying solely on them for obtaining a value for your home isn’t always the best overall solutions.

What are some of the problems with AVMs?

Not every home is the same. AVM is software, and as with all software that is used to help calculate things of this nature, things aren’t always going to be accurate. If your home fits into the exact mold of home standards in a specific development, you may have better luck. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that when using automated software, your home could easily be either under or over valued. What’s the problem with that? Well, if you happen to selling your home, an overvaluation could happen to benefit you, however, on the other hand, if you are undervaluing your home, this is largely not the case and could lose you out on major numbers. The problem is that this software is not all-encompassing, doesn’t know if your roof has future risk for leaking and creaking, and most generally, AVM simply is general itself – lumping together basic modeling criteria.

Your Home is Unique and Deserves an Unique Real Estate Appraisal

While these website do offer some merit and can help offer you rough, ballpark figures – which is great to know before you meet with an actual human real estate appraiser – but that’s about as far as you should allow their judgment to influence the posted price for your home.

Real Estate Appraisal Professionals

By having an actual real estate appraisal professional to appraise the value of your home, what you are receiving is incredibly more accurate information and someone who can offer additional rhetoric and advice. What kind of software has emotions and can see your home, and offer simple instructions for improving your home to increase its value? That’s right – none!

Benefits of a Real Estate Appraisal besides Value

Getting a real estate appraisal is important not just to get a value and leave it there, but oftentimes, one of the biggest benefits to have your home appraised is to have feedback on how to bring more curb appeal to the home. Sometimes it’s simple things like painting; sometimes it’s huge fixes that are worth investing in as to increase the value of the home and property largely. Software never will be able to do so in such a personal manner.

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