Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Greatly Benefit Budget Deficit In State

This ARTICLE On Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Greatly Benefit Budget Deficit In State Was PUBLISHED On November 14th, 2019

Is Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Greatly Benefit Budget Deficit In State

For years, Chicago is the number one most corrupt city in the United States. Illinois led the Nation as the third most corrupt state.

  • Four of the last 7 Illinois governors got arrested, convicted, and served time in jail
  • Former Illinois Governor George Ryan has served more than five years in prison for corruption
  • Ryan was convicted after he left office and sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison
  • Former Governor Rod Blagojevich who served as governor from 2002 to 2009 became the first governor in Illinois history to be impeached
  • Blagojevich was convicted of many corruption charged and is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence
  • Dan Walker who served as governor from 1973 until 1977 pled guilty to bank fraud and other charges related to his personal business after leaving office
  • In 1987, Walker was sent to prison
  • He served 18 months before being released
  • The current Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker who just took office this year is under federal investigation for property tax fraud
  • Pritzker’s federal criminal investigation is currently ongoing
  • Public corruption is a major problem in Illinois
  • The cash-strapped state is bleeding financially due to incompetent and corrupt politicians
  • The first step in getting Illinois back on its feet would be Fixing Illinois Corruption

In this article, we will cover and discuss Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Greatly Benefit Budget Deficit In State.

Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Be The Start In Getting The State Great Again

Is Fixing Illinois Corruption Would Be The Start In Getting The State Great Again

The Chicago Field Office of the FBI has been busy cracking down corrupt politicians for decades.

  • However, there is no end
  • More state, county, city politicians are getting investigated, arrested, charged, and convicted
  • Corruption in Illinois seem to be escalating
  • The FBI has expanded its investigations of potential corruption at the city, county, and state levels throughout Illinois
  • They have been focusing on top Democratic officeholders as well as those associated with them, special interest organizations, friends, and family members
  • Wiretapping and raids are more common today than ever before
  • Many arrested and/or under investigation are turning state evidence and flipping
  • Only a fraction of those being targeted resulted in indictments

The aggressive investigation by the Feds is welcomed by Illinois taxpayers who are fed up with rising taxes, budget deficit, and corruption.

History Is Repeating Itself In Illinois

Corruption has been a way of life in Illinois, especially in the City of Chicago.

  • Public corruption costs countless money to taxpayers. Illinois and most municipalities in Illinois are facing major budget deficits
  • Corrupt politicians are adding fuel to the fire hurting Illinoisans
  • Many of us remember Operation Greylord
  • Operation Greylord is the massive federal investigation in Cook County back in the 1980s that resulted in the arrests, indictments, and convictions of judges and politicians in Chicago and Cook County
  • Operation Safe Road was the reason why former Illinois Governor George Ryan went to jail for
  • Ryan, then-Secretary of State, allowed bribery and corruption in his office
  • Drivers, especially CDL applicants, paid the Secretary of State Office to get their licenses without being properly qualified

Ryan was sentenced to 6.5 years in federal prison for illegal patronage, contract-rigging, and racketeering within his office. Lives were lost due to this corruption.

Other Public Corruption Investigations And Convictions

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich got a lengthy prison sentence of 14 years in the Operation Board Games federal investigation.

  • He was convicted of several felony charges including leveraging a U.S. Senate seat to enrich himself
  • The current public corruption, yet to be named, is the investigation of Chicago Alderman Edward Burke
  • Burke is accused of steering using influence on his role as an alderman to steer business to his law practice

Alderman Burke’s Aide Peter Andrews and Chicago developer Charles Cui are also under investigation and are facing indictments.

Active Politicians That May Be Under Investigation And Face Potential Indictments

Can active politicians be investigated

Many Illinoisans are suspicious of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Madigan is the most powerful lawmaker in Illinois. He has served in the Illinois Senate for over 30 years. Michael Madigan, like Alderman Edward Burke, owns a law firm that specialized in property tax appeals. Madigan has not been charged with any crimes as of today. However, Mike Madigan may be under federal investigation. This news is not public yet and the FBI are keeping mum about Mike Madigan. Madigan denies any wrongdoing and told the media that he is not any target of any federal investigation. However, many of Mike Madigan’s associates have been under scrutiny by the Feds. Many of them had their homes and/or offices raided by FBI agents. This includes ComEd lobbyist Mike McClain, ex-aide Kevin Quinn, and former Chicago Alderman Michael Zalewski. ComEd and its parent company Exelon have been subpoenaed to turn over documents that is related and/or associated with lobbying activities.

Officials Under Investigation Who Are Related To Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Who are Officials Under Investigation Who Are Related To Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Fixing Illinois Corruption is going to be a long haul project.

  • You are who you hang out with
  • Many experts believe in term limits for elected politicians
  • Many Illinois politicians seek elected office to further themselves and/or their businesses and help their friends and family
  • Close scrutiny is being focused on Mike Madigan
  • The Illinois House Speaker is by far the most powerful politician in Illinois
  • He has thousands of who he has a lot of influence on
  • The FBI is focusing hard on Madigan’s inner circle
  • Worth Township Supervisor John O’Sullivan has been subpoenaed for his role in the red-light camera investigation
  • Public Officials in McCook, Summit, and Lyons had their offices and homes raided by FBI agents a few months ago
  • Crestwood, Illinois Mayor Lou Presta is being investigated for irregularities on the village’s taxpayer-funded expense reports
  • Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval, a close ally of Mike Madigan and a close connection to ComEd, the game industry, and red-light camera company, had his office and home raided

Another Madigan ally, State Representative Luis Arroyo was arrested and charged with bribery and other federal offenses. He stepped down from the state legislature.

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