A Realtor Who Truly Cares For Her Clients:  Deborah Pettenuzzo

There are thousands of professional realtors in Illinois and I truly do respect the job that they do in assisting buyers and sellers.  Every realtor has their own way of doing business.  Some big name realtors have several licensed assistants where their assistants do their work while the head honcho markets new business.

Real Estate Agents

There are other realtors who just specialize in specialty homes like luxury homes, condotels, or vacation homes.  Most realtors do not want to handle lower priced homes and usually want to shy away from a home buyer who has less than perfect credit.  Fortunately, I had the luxury of meeting a very special realtor, Deborah Pettenuzzo, and we had our first closing today.  I was and am impressed with Deborah Pettenuzzo not just as a veteran experienced realtor, but more importantly, how she truly cares for her clients and how she really goes beyond the call of duty in taking care of them like they were her own family members.  The thing that really touched my heart was when my borrower told me how appreciative he was of Deborah and how much Deborah has helped them in their home buying process including the mortgage approval process.

Deborah Pettenuzzo:  My Experience With A True Professional Who Truly Cares

Deborah Pettenuzzo contacted me because one of my other realtor partners referred her to me.  Deborah explained to me that she had a client who needs to be pre-approved but had a hard time getting approved from her other lender partners.  Her clients were first time home buyers and the purchase price was only $119,000.  However, due to the husband’s recent bankruptcy filing the wife was the only borrower that could be on the loan and she only had limited work history and limited income as well as high debt to income ratios.  Deborah Pettenuzzo has frantically looked for a lender with no mortgage lender overlays for her client for the past 8 months and finally got referred to me.  We had a very nice conversation two months ago and I agreed to take on the deal.  After two months, we finally closed on Deborah Pettenuzzo’s client’s home today.  Home buyers were ecstatic.

Not All Realtors Are Created Equal

I had a long conversation with my borrowers yesterday and my borrower explained to me the gratitude they had for Deborah.  My borrower told me how hard Deborah tried to help them get financing and how supportive she was.  My borrower told me that many times they wanted to give up but Deborah gave them hope and told them that negativity is not part of her vocabulary.  They were able to reach Deborah late evenings and weekends to answer the questions they had.  Since they were first time home buyers, they were scared and had hundreds of questions.  Over the past 8 months, Deborah took time to explain to them the home buying process as well as the mortgage approval process.

Real Estate And Mortgage Experience

Deborah Pettenuzzo is a seasoned veteran real estate professional who also worked as a mortgage loan originator so she is a well versed all around experienced real estate professional.  I was touched when my borrower pleaded with me that they could only do so much for Deborah to thank her but if I could refer all of my pre-approvals to her.  Working with Deborah for the past two months have been a pleasure.  She was cool, calm, and collected and a true professional who never lost control when things were not going well.  I had others in our team who lost control and get frustrated but Deborah just wanted to hear the facts and often kept all sides in control.

In Conclusion

I feel very fortunate to have met Deborah Pettenuzzo and am looking forward to be working with her with future deals.  Realtors like Deborah Pettenuzzo are dinasours and very hard to come by.  I only know of two other realtors who are like Deborah Pettenuzzo:  A realtor who truly cares more about her clients than a commssion.  With the portion of the commission Deborah Pettenuzzo received on this deal, the breakdown is that she probably made less than $0.50 cents per hour for the months and hours of hard work she put in and invested in her home buyer.  That is not important to Deborah.  What is important to Deborah is helping home buyers to close on their homes and make their dream of homeownership a reality.  She did not have to help her client get a mortgage loan approval.  However, that is not Deborah.  Deborah, from her experience as a previous mortgage lender, knew that the deal could get done.  She took it to numerous places and even though she was told the deal could not get done, she did not give up.  Other realtors might have just told the client that they need to wait but not Deborah Pettenuzzo.  She found me and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help Deborah Pettenuzzo’s home buyer and be part of the team to help her client get their first home.  Thank you Deborah for being such an Angel and a true professional who make dreams into a reality.

Deborah Pettenuzzo can be reached at 815-919-6295 or you may visit her website at www.DebPSellsHomes.com.

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