Credit Fix Advisors: Jesse Smith

By Vince Liguori

I would like to introduce Jesse Smith of Credit Fix Advisors as part of my team in helping folks with bad credit qualify for mortgage loans.  Jesse Smith and his partner, Makela Burns,  will also be writing weekly blogs about the importance of credit, maximizing your credit scores, and quick credit fixes as well as advice on repairing credit. Jesse Smith and Makela Burns represents a powerful credit repair service that will change the outcome of a mortgage lender’s marketing efforts when they run across a customer who has a negative credit report. Jesse Smith and Makela Burns are the owner consultants of Credit Fix Advisors, a national credit repair and credit restoration company. Makela Burns and Jesse Smith is who I refer my mortgage loan borrowers who have credit scores in the 400’s and low 500’s.  Based in Joliet, Illinois, Credit Fix Advisors can help folks who need credit repair in all 50 states.

Why Credit Fix Advisors?

Credit Fix Advisors is an accredited, registered and bonded business with an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.  All of Jesse Smith’s and Makela Burn’s professional experience in credit analysis, along with advanced proprietary technology, successfully resolves credit report disputes in the most effective manner possible.

Jesse Smith is looking for mortgage brokers, bankers, attorneys, realtors and lenders who specialize in helping mortgage loan borrowers who have had prior bad credit issues such as a bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgments, tax liens, collections, charge offs, and late payments get home loans.

Mortgage professionals like myself can help mortgage loan borrowers who have low credit scores fix their credit problems and boost their credit scores so they can qualify for the best mortgage program available at the lowest mortgage rates.   If you are a mortgage professional or other professional who represent clients with credit issues, you can refer your clients to Jesse Smith to repair their credit so they can qualify for a loan.

Most credit repair deletions work in 30 days!  Your customer will get all 3 credit reports back within a 30 day point with the deleted accounts and raised FICO scores.  The staff of Credit Fix Advisors will monitor every single client and alert you when your clients late payments or inaccurate information has been removed off their credit report.

Credit Fix Advisors  is the leading credit repair service in their industry.  Jesse Smith And Makela Burns offers industry-leading credit repair services backed with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Their credit repair service is truly unmatchable in terms of effectiveness, speed, and our risk-free guarantee.

The Company back up their work with a 100% money back guarantee!

The staff of Credit Fix Advisors removed questionable negative items, including bankruptcies, judgments, charge offs, repossessions, late payments, liens, foreclosure, and collection accounts.                                     

Jesse Smith and Makela Burns are officers of Credit Fix Advisors .  The staff work daily with consumers, attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers and loan officers in order to repair customers’ credit reports and raise FICO scores.  Please call 888-900-1020.

Stay tuned.  Jesse Smith will be writing weekly blogs about credit, credit scores, re-establishing your credit, and credit repair.

Credit Fix Advisors Is A Powerful Credit Repair Company, Delivering Powerful Results!

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