Condotel Purchase Loans

Florida Condotels

Florida Condotel Purchase Loans

If you are in the market for a Condo Hotel in Florida, be prepared to be overcoming some hurdles when dealing with Condo Hotel unit sellers or even Condo Hotel selling real estate agents.  Most Condotel sellers and Condotel selling real estate agents believe that Condotel Purchase Loans are nonexistent and will be extremely leery of you when you tell them that you are looking to finance your Florida Condo Hotel Purchase.  I deal with this problem every week where I get Condo Hotel Purchase Buyers tell me that the selling agent of the Condo Hotel unit they are about to make an offer on will not even return their phone calls when they tell them they are financing their Florida Condo Hotel Purchase.

Florida Condotel Purchase Loans

I specialize in Condo Hotel Purchase Loans in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida and Illinois.  If you are a California, Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida Condotel Buyer and need a Condotel Purchase Loan, please contact me and I will be able to help you.  The first step is to get you preapproved for a Condo Hotel mortgage loan and that is easily done by completing our online application on this website.  Just click on the APPLY NOW icon HERE.  It is a secured 1003 mortgage application.  Once you submit your online mortgage application, I can issue you a preapproval letter for a Condotel purchase loan.  Second step is for you to shop for a Condotel unit that you are interested in.  Once you select the Condotel unit that you are about to make a Condotel purchase contract on, then there is a Condo Hotel Questionnaire that the Condo Hotel Homeowners Association needs to complete.  It is a basic one page Condo Hotel Questionnaire form that our Condo Hotel investor requires to make sure that there are no major pending litigation or that there is no pending bankruptcy on the Condo Hotel project.

Condotel Pre-Approvals issued 7 days a week

If they ask you whether it will be financed, you can tell them the truth and present the Condotel pre-approved letter and if they give you a hard time and tell you that there are no Condotel mortgage lenders that is willing to financed Condo Hotel units, give me their name and number and I will be gladly talk to them.  I tell most Condo Hotel buyers who are preapproved to tell them that it will be a cash offer so they can initally cooperate and by the time I am done talking to them, most Condotel listing agents and Condotel sellers become believers.

If you are a Florida real estate agent who specialize in Condo Hotel listings, please contact me so I can explain to you our various Florida Condotel purchase loan programs.

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