Brick and Patio Maintenance

Maintenance of your Home

How to clean a patio is important information for any homeowner. You must be diligent with your brick patio maintenance, as if you neglect it the patio will quickly become discolored and slippery, covered with moss, mold and possibly algae. It is immensely important to maintain your patio in good condition, in order to maintain the health of your family and house. Forgetting to clean your patio can also hurt your property values, which is something that no one wants, especially if you’re considering selling or evaluating your home at all.

How To Remove Mold And Algae From Your Patio

Some of the main scourges of a beautiful patio can be black mold, green algae. These unwelcome intruders can discolor your patio, as well as making them unsafe to walk across, especially when wet. The growth of these pests can be stymied with the right chemicals, although you must be diligent in removing any molds or algae that are already there.

Power Tools for Maintenance of your Home

You can consider using a power washer on your patio, no sort of mold or algae could possibly stand up to a nice jet wash with detergent, or possibly even a wash with a rotary patio cleaning attachment, which will allow you to wash a bigger area and exactly clean each brick. You should be sure that you fully utilize safety materials like safety gloves and goggles for the job, as you may be dealing with dangerous chemicals like weed killers.

Weed Control Maintenance

As soon as the patio is dry, it is a good idea to re-sand the whole thing, in order to fill in the spaces between the bricks or slabs – all you have to do is sprinkle a little sand over the whole surface of your patio, gently brush it into the cracks and sand it. It also can help to kill weeds.

Homeownership and Home Maintenance

Homeownership comes with responsibilities which one of the major responsibilities is mainenance of the new home purchase.  As a renter, maintenance of your apartment or your home was the responsibility of your landlord.  As a new homeowner you can no longer rely on your landlord.  You are your own landlord.  You are responsible for not just the breakdown of appliances, plumbing, electrical, HVAC Systems, but also maintenance of your lawn, brick pavers, trees, shrubs, and overall landscaping.  You can do it yourself or hire a professional landscape service.  Landscaping and maintenance of patios and brick pavers needs to be done timely before they can get out of control.

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